Friday, September 28, 2018

I love New Zealand ......BUT

I have lived in New Zealand for just about 10 years now and love the place but, New Zealand has a political correct group of people called minorities that are always trying to control the majority.

From cyclists wanting a 30km speed limit in Auckland to banning plastic bags the minorities are always out there interfering in whatever takes their fancy.

New Zealand has many problems that affect its people, education, housing, homelessness and poverty just to name a few yet the government would rather spend our money on foreign aid, climate change and refugees.

I believe in climate change but not the way bureaucrats and the soothsayers tell it and until the government makes it the law to believe I refuse to.

Climate change for me is summer turning to autumn to winter to spring and back to summer not rising temperatures and sea levels, that’s just mother nature doing her thing and where the hell does all the money go?

It happens in most countries but we should be spending OUR money on OUR people before looking after refugees and foreign countries. I want to know how governments can’t find money for this and that however the money flows for their pay rises and helping out other countries.

I love New Zealand but we do have a load of wankers trying to rule the roost.

Steve Boddey

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