Monday, February 20, 2017

Raping a 13yr old and got WHAT?

Sanjay Kumar Chand Rana  a 38 year old man who committed an indecent act on a 13 year old girl before raping her has been given a reduced sentence.

This feral animal was given nine years but appealed on the grounds that he hadn’t been given a discount on his previous good character.
Good what?

What happened prior to this incident is irrelevant. What he has done is more important. Even the judge at the initial sentencing was somewhat bewildered that the man showed no remorse for this cowardly act.

The young girl was being cared for by Rana and his wife while her mother was in hospital. She had been collecting clothes from her home before this scumbag committed this repulsive crime on her parent’s bed.

I just do not understand the justice system over here, a man can rape a young girl and have the assessment of the Probation Service stating he is a high risk of re-offending get 9 years for it (should have got life) but because family, friends and supporters tell us he is really a good man he gets a reduced sentence, sorry something seriously wrong with this scenario.

The word Donkeys comes to mind regarding this!

Author SteveBoddey

Woman from Tokyo

I was working for the Nissan Motor Company and we spent three months at the Nissan plant in Kaminokawa near to Utsunomiya City learning about Japanese workplace practices and lean management.

We had to take two trains to get to Disneyland the first was really good as there were not a lot of people on board however the second train the boys who had been in Japan longer than us told us that once the train doors open get a seat straight away.

Of course being polite I didn’t follow their advice and ended up having to stand up all the way to Disneyland.

The train did get packed and a lovely young woman was stuck in front of me. It’s true that we ended up packed in like sardines.

The train’s rhythmic motion gave rise to certain things and the lady in front of me was well aware of what had or was happening. I looked around aimlessly trying to think of Margret Thatcher naked but it had limited effect.

The woman looked around a few times and smiled at me. The boys obviously had an idea what was happen and of course made things worse by suggesting things.

Thankfully the woman got off the train much to my relief but did look at me though the window smiled and waved.

Disneyland will never be the same again.

Author Steve Boddey

Coco and Food

You humans have no idea about how we animals think.
That look of puzzlement on my face is actually me saying ARE you serious?

Dinner time is one time I am completely shocked at human antics.
Here Coco here Coco yum yum this is delicious.
Oh really?
Yes it is yum yum!
No it’s not!
Besides, how the hell would you know if it tastes delicious have you  eaten the stuff?
First thing us dogs do after a feed is lick our butts to get the damn taste out of our mouths!
Geez give us dogs a break we know good food when we smell it and that crap you call dog food is not, repeat not decent tucker.
A bowl of dry biscuits and a bowl of water makes me wonder if this iss this prison or what?
Get me some juicy meat, raw with a bone still attached. Something I can grind my teeth on.

Hang on.
What’s that plate dad has in his hand?
Hmm smells simply divine.
I’ll catch you dog lovers later.
It’s leftover time.
xx “woof woof”

Written by Steve Boddey on behalf of Coco la Belle

Adelaide the Murder Capital of Australia

Adelaide has the reputation of being the murder capital of Australia.

It isn’t that they have a lot of murders it is actually that they are done in bulk!

Even though the above comment is said in jest by people it should not not detract from the horrendous events that have occurred.

From the missing Beaumont children of 1966 (although no bodies have been found) to the Truro murders between 1976-1977 where 5 bodies were found at Truro and 2 more found later at Wingfield and Port Gawler.

Also in the 1970’s and later into the 1980 there were the so called “Family” murders.
Five teenager boys were abducted, drugged, sexually assaulted, mutilated and murdered.

In 1973 two girls disappeared from Adelaide oval during a football match and speculation was that there was a connection to the missing Beaumont children. Once again no bodies were found.

Between 1992 and 1999 eleven people were murdered. Eight of the victims were discovered in the vault of an unused bank in a place called Snowtown.
It is unfortunate that Snowtown bares the stigma of these murders as it was just used as a dumping ground.

So Adelaide the so called City of Churches does have a dark side. I figure there are worse places in the world and that these things happen all over but it is a reminder of the type of world we now live in.

I am not sure whether that is a good thing?

Author Steve Boddey

My Mum

I have been thinking about my mum who passed away way back in 1984 and how she would say things that when were bad or good that make me laugh even now.

She would say things like Flaming Hummer. I have no idea what this was suppose to mean other than it wasn’t good. We did ask relatives but no-one seems to know where it comes from.

If me and my brothers were fighting she would come in and say Don’t start and then come in later while we were still at it and say Keep going we would just stop and look at one another in bewilderment.

For those of you who remember back in the old days when we had respect for our elders and those in authority if you misbehaved there was a good chance of getting a hiding.
I will knock you into the middle of next week was one of my favourite phrases. Of course only if I was not on the receiving end.

Here are a few more:-

You’re just like horse muck, always in the road.
Put kettle on chook.
I don’t know if I am beside me self or what.
Whoa betide the boy who doesn’t do his home work. (I never found out who Whoa Betide was. He certainly was not in my class.)
If you haven’t finished then you will still be going.
I don’t know where you got it from but you never got it from me.
Because I said so that’s why.
Keep crying and I’ll give you something to cry about.
Just wait till I get you home that’ll be the end of you.
If I told you once I have told you a million times DO NOT exaggerate.
STOP acting like your father.
Wait till your father gets home.

I still miss my mum but by +god she still makes me laugh.

Author Steve Boddey

One Depressed Dog

I am depressed!

I must have caught it off mum or dad because as a dog how else could I get depressed? It could be that it is colder these days and it has been raining or maybe it is that I haven’t had some of dads yummy cooking for ages and ages so I have to have the doggy biscuits and water.

Dad has cooked some very good smelling dinners for mum just lately. I say smelling because I never got a taste! One was a vegetarian curry and the other egg fried rice with vegetables and chicken.

The curry one smelt so good that my bottom started burning even though I never got a taste.

Oh well I better go and moan in my bed.
You have a good day as I will head to bed so depressed.

Coco La Belle

Woof woof!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Coco La Belle and Excerise

In my last post I mentioned how exciting it would be and how I was so very much looking forward to the walks. Let me tell you something. This get fit campaign isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Let me talk you through what happens. We all get ready to go. I get so excited I always have to run outside to have a twinkle. Dad is always first to be ready and Mum, well let's just not say too much.
Once we are ready to go dad opens the gate and I am off.
Well ...... my feet are moving but I am not. The collar is tight around my neck as I try to rush forward. Mum and dad haven't moved yet.
Dad tugs on my lead and tells me to sit. I do as I am told. Sigh!
The collar loosens and I sit there in anticipation. of being out in the fresh air, sniffing the ground, peeing at will and generally doing doggie things. Ya Think?

There are rules for going walking. No one ever told me that! Yes there are rules!
No getting excited and rushing out the gate. You have to be calm and follow dad or mum at a pace they choose.
Dad normally takes me first, as his pace is more to my liking. He will tug at my lead if I get too far ahead of myself. Mum follows behind. I have learnt that if I stay next to mum and dad they don't tug on my lead and we are constantly on the move. I have also learnt that if I am patient I get to do the doggie things once we arrive at the oval. You see dad runs around it and mum takes me off to have fun until we catch up with dad.

Dad hasn't done any running for a long time so as I am sniffing my way around I am always looking up to see where he is and mum is always looking to make sure he is OK.
Today dad ran the whole circumference of the field. That is six soccer pitches and he ran about half that again.
After about half an hour we head back home and that is where dad takes over and walks me home.
By the time we get home I am exhausted.
So bed time for me my little darlings.
Till next time eat healthier and keep exercising.

Coco La Belle xx

Written by Steve Boddey on behalf of Coco La Belle.


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