Sunday, May 20, 2018

Auckland Council and the Petrol Tax

Auckland Council is putting a tax on petrol to help pay for better transport infrastructure because apparently they need more money. As of 2014 there were approx 470,000 dwelling in the Auckland area. Now rates let us say are $1000 per dwelling that gives the council 470 million per year (it will definitely be a lot more) then add the rates businesses pay I'd like to know where is the money? 
 I tried looking through the annual report 2016/2017 and I found it somewhat confusing which I think is the general idea, baffle the average rate payer. What I want to know is what money came in and what did council spend, then itemise the ins and outs. 
As I spent more time looking through the annual report I honestly lost the will to live. The amount of dribble was incredible, 38m spent on cycleways, where I live I have yet to see anyone use it and that is since 2012. They ride on footpaths or in the middle of the road but never in the cycleway.
498m spent on governance and support, why so much? The more I read the more I realised that Auckland Council  really needs someone with a head for business and a set of balls to make better deals and better choices for all Aucklanders.
Steve Boddey

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wake up America

I am English born, Australian bred male now living in New Zealand.

Donald Trump is your President yet there are those that dispute this on the grounds that they do not like the idea!

So, your electoral system elected him, however you don’t like the outcome so you want to protest it?

What sort of idiots are you?

You knee for your flag and anthem?

You disrespect everything your country stands for?

I lived in a time when the USA was a country that was respected and a country that every other country aspired to be.

Now, you are a country that has no balls, no sense of patriotism and no sense of belief in what is right.

I have American friends who are true to the spirit of what the USA stands for yet are constantly abused for their stance merely because it differs from the others.

There will always be dissident voices heard in the land, expressing opposition without alternatives, finding faults but never favour, perceiving gloom on every side and seeking influence without responsibility. Those voices are inevitable.” That was JFK a democrat.
This in its sheer simplicity sums up those who choose to be offended or chant racist at the drop of a hat.
They are the attention seekers who will stir up the masses with no intention of solving the problem.

They are the problem and they are the blockage that needs to be removed. So we can move forward.

Steve Boddey

Saturday, August 19, 2017

America Becoming 1984

To be honest, I can not for the life of me, understand how fucking stupid a vast majority American people are.

Monuments that have stood for over 100+ years without a so much as a BOO, are suddenly being called out as being racist or offensive.

The Main Stream Media blatantly lies and ignores the truth, even when it is laid out in front of them. How do these people sleep at night? What kind of drugs are these people on?

How do sensible people, sensible Americans, determine what is real and what news is twisted to suit a narrative?  How do the REAL people in the USA see the violence that is now an everyday occurrence when there is a protest or a rally?

You have a president that is trying to do everything that he and the party, (that is suppose to have his back) promised to do, yet the party and the media fumble and stumble like children in a playground they have seen for the first time.

Why, because for once, you have a President that has said he will do this and that and meant it!

The fact that he ACTUALLY is trying to do what he promised to the American people is unacceptable to those that govern and those that report on those that govern,

What is so hard? What is so difficult to understand? What is it that drives the MSM into George Orwell's 1984?

It is that you, the people of the USA, have a President that is trying to do what he promised to do and the career politicians and the msm do not like that.

Steve Boddey

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Paris Agreement

So the US has pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement and I for one agree because I believe that it is a slush fund for the UN.

I don’t for one minute believe in global warming but I do believe that mother nature every so often has a clean up.

The stupidity of some people who think that turning your lights out for one hour once a year and having a bag for life makes any difference to the worlds climate is unfathomable.

I wonder how  much money was spent getting the agreement together and I also wonder why France and German and many others leaders are so upset with the US decision, maybe seeing all those American dollars staying home could be a major factor. You will also note that they are doing their whining from the safety of their home.

So until they make it the law to believe in global warming/ climate change I will stick to Mother nature having a clean up.


Steve Boddey

Monday, May 15, 2017

CIA Shocked and Stunned

I am shocked and stunned!
Yes people I am shocked and stunned having found out that the CIA used torture on captives to gain intelligence information.

Oh hang on, the news has just confirmed that IS have thrown a man off the roof of a building but it is alright he was gay!

Now where was I?
Ah yes, if any one thinks that the CIA or any other organisation that seeks out intelligence does not use under handed methods to get information you are living in a bubble.

Oh look IS are on the news again and are believed to have killed some two to five thousand people just last month alone they must be heading for a record. I wonder how many the Nazi’s did in a month.

Anyway, I do not condone torture of any kind however for people to come out and jump up and down about it now that it has come out shows their blindness and ignorance of what goes on in the world we live.

Torture has been going on for centuries and most of it for religious purposes and if you weren’t aware of that then obviously the brain cell is being used by another family member.

Author Steve Boddey


Beauty is held within your soul,
Love flowing from your heart,
Your caring nature surrounds your halo,
Words of comfort are just the start.

A tangled life comes and goes,
Like waves across the sea,
Bodies entwined while making love,
That is you and me.

There are no tears and no regrets
For what has gone before,
Our world was dark and cold,
Then we found ajar the door.

The love we cherish and we share,
Not just for us but for those around,
It is more than just our love,
That keeps us forever bound.

Author &SteveBoddey

The KKK and the Brothers

The Klu Klux Klan or KKK for short makes no sense at all. Even in America Clan is spelt with a C so they should be called the KKC not the KKK. Obviously spelling is not one of their major highlights. Nor is their interpretation of a Wizard or Grand Wizard.

The Grand Wizard?
What a joke, he didn’t do one single magic trick, just a lot of talking and waving around in a white sheet. What is all that about?

Oh and the Klu Klux Klan actually is derived from the Greek word kuklos meaning circle of brothers which is very ironic as brothers is the very people they are suppose to hate and even more disturbing is the Greek circle of brothers were doing things with one another, very loving very caring things and the sheets were a lot higher up.

So the next time you hear about the KKC you can know in your heart they are really not quite right!

Author Steve Boddey 


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