Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome

It is blatantly obvious that those opposed to President Trump have no clue why. It’s true just try and ask them why; you will get a tirade of words like racist, bigot, Nazi, carrot top and a dick.

Ok, give me an example. They simply cannot give an honest answer and of course the more you press the angrier they get until it becomes pointless to have any meaningful conversation. They have reached the fourth stage of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Maxine Waters apparently been sent by God to stop Trump. Why did God decide to send her now and not earlier? Me thinks God is having a laugh.

Why does crying Chuck have glasses he always looks over the top of them? Ole Chucky baby gives the impression he is out of his depth with Trump as President.

Why does Juan Williams from the Five always take a positive and put a negative spin on it? He reminds me of an uncle who always came up with so called facts that had nothing to add to any conversation.

Nancy Pelosi the grandma that just refuses to hold the grandkids in case they turn Republican.

Oh and now we have Cortez. Please tell me Americans do not buy into what she is selling. Commonsense tells me she has lost the plot completely how can any sane person believe anything that comes out of her mouth? I hope she’s not married.

You cannot in all honesty have a sensible conversation with ant anti Trump person, they simply listen not to understand but to reply in the most spiteful, degrading and intimidating way. They do this because they would have to accept their own failings and admit they were wrong.

No point flogging a dead horse.

Steve Boddey

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

PC New Zealand

In January 2019 I will have lived here in New Zealand for 10 years, time flies by so quickly. The country itself is very beautiful. I remember when I first arrived; I had been mesmerized by the different flora and the many shades of green. Coming from a land where there are many shades of brown, green was comforting on the senses and the sea breezes relaxed the mind.

I can only speak about my time in Auckland as this is where I have lived while here and let me say that the place is fine and dandy it is just that some of the people here are a reminder why there are mental institutions.

New Zealand is one of the most politically correct countries in the world, spending time trying to please everyone that whines and moans about this or that, trying to appease minority groups and claiming the city is very much a multicultural paradise. 

Now there’s a laugh!

Integrate is what many do not do and that is why multiculturalism never works. People come here and are treated as equals and given far more assistance than people already here. Then New Zealanders are forced to adapt to accepting others lifestyles and customs whilst losing their own.

What was once ok is now called racist or offensive if it doesn’t conform to the politically correct society New Zealand is.

The PC brigade judges history by today’s standards and you just can’t do that. You shouldn’t be incumbent by ones history yet we do it all the time.

By now if you have read this far some may suggest I head back to where ever I came from, however I love this country and simply because we have a lot of twats screwing it up isn’t going to intimidate me. I want to see the Land of the Long White Cloud not the Land of the Thin White Skin.

Steve Boddey

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Taxes Lies and the Auckland City Council

The Auckland Council and its leader Phil Goff have introduced an 11.5 cent petrol tax a bed tax and want a toilet tax and rate rises of 2.5% or more, to pay for (supposedly) infrastructure and other things that Auckland desperately needs.
The Mayor gets $275k, the Deputy Mayor gets $154k and the 19 councilors get $107k per year approximately.
Here is a rough breakdown of council payroll.

11,893- total staff numbers for Auckland Council and six CCOs
2322 - number of staff earning more than $100,000
194 - number of staff earning more than $200,000 (155 last year)
$853m - actual wages bill
$811m - budgeted wages bill
$18m - staff payments for errors in the Holidays Act
$11m - unbudgeted cost of redundancies

So I believe serious cuts need to be made here just for starters. It is interesting that they always find extra money for their pay rises

Phil Goff also feels that he needs to dictate what we, as rate paying Aucklanders should or should not get to see/hear.

In July 2018, Mayor Goff announced that the Auckland Council would not allow the so called far right Canadian activists Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux to use council premises on the grounds that they stirred up ethnic or religious tensions and promoted divisive views. Southern and Molyneux have drawn controversy in the past for their controversial views on feminism, gender, and Muslim immigration. The pair had booked the Bruce Mason Centre in Auckland's North Shore for a talk on 3 August 2018. While the Auckland Peace Action activist group and the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand had objected to the planned talk.

Please note he took this decision upon himself, sighting Council Policy and of course everyone’s favourite, the popular Ethnic/Religious Card, you can also add a divisive view which in simple terms means a different viewpoint that may or may not upset others forcing them to be so outraged that they cannot control their emotions or behaviour. In other words a different viewpoint will cause some to become deranged.

The NZ Federation of Islam Association and the Auckland Peace Action activist group wanted the two speakers banned from NZ with the APA making threats of confrontation and blocking entry to any event that the speakers attend. Doesn’t that sum up stirring tensions?

Phil Goff is a politician and as we are all aware if they aren’t kissing babies they are stealing their lollipops.

Once again the Auckland Mayor and his council have pulled off the greatest con job since Eve told Adam an apple was good for his teeth.

Steve Boddey

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Auckland Council and the Petrol Tax

Auckland Council is putting a tax on petrol to help pay for better transport infrastructure because apparently they need more money. As of 2014 there were approx 470,000 dwelling in the Auckland area. Now rates let us say are $1000 per dwelling that gives the council 470 million per year (it will definitely be a lot more) then add the rates businesses pay I'd like to know where is the money? 
 I tried looking through the annual report 2016/2017 and I found it somewhat confusing which I think is the general idea, baffle the average rate payer. What I want to know is what money came in and what did council spend, then itemise the ins and outs. 
As I spent more time looking through the annual report I honestly lost the will to live. The amount of dribble was incredible, 38m spent on cycleways, where I live I have yet to see anyone use it and that is since 2012. They ride on footpaths or in the middle of the road but never in the cycleway.
498m spent on governance and support, why so much? The more I read the more I realised that Auckland Council  really needs someone with a head for business and a set of balls to make better deals and better choices for all Aucklanders.
Steve Boddey

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wake up America

I am English born, Australian bred male now living in New Zealand.

Donald Trump is your President yet there are those that dispute this on the grounds that they do not like the idea!

So, your electoral system elected him, however you don’t like the outcome so you want to protest it?

What sort of idiots are you?

You knee for your flag and anthem?

You disrespect everything your country stands for?

I lived in a time when the USA was a country that was respected and a country that every other country aspired to be.

Now, you are a country that has no balls, no sense of patriotism and no sense of belief in what is right.

I have American friends who are true to the spirit of what the USA stands for yet are constantly abused for their stance merely because it differs from the others.

There will always be dissident voices heard in the land, expressing opposition without alternatives, finding faults but never favour, perceiving gloom on every side and seeking influence without responsibility. Those voices are inevitable.” That was JFK a democrat.
This in its sheer simplicity sums up those who choose to be offended or chant racist at the drop of a hat.
They are the attention seekers who will stir up the masses with no intention of solving the problem.

They are the problem and they are the blockage that needs to be removed. So we can move forward.

Steve Boddey

Saturday, August 19, 2017

America Becoming 1984

To be honest, I can not for the life of me, understand how fucking stupid a vast majority American people are.

Monuments that have stood for over 100+ years without a so much as a BOO, are suddenly being called out as being racist or offensive.

The Main Stream Media blatantly lies and ignores the truth, even when it is laid out in front of them. How do these people sleep at night? What kind of drugs are these people on?

How do sensible people, sensible Americans, determine what is real and what news is twisted to suit a narrative?  How do the REAL people in the USA see the violence that is now an everyday occurrence when there is a protest or a rally?

You have a president that is trying to do everything that he and the party, (that is suppose to have his back) promised to do, yet the party and the media fumble and stumble like children in a playground they have seen for the first time.

Why, because for once, you have a President that has said he will do this and that and meant it!

The fact that he ACTUALLY is trying to do what he promised to the American people is unacceptable to those that govern and those that report on those that govern,

What is so hard? What is so difficult to understand? What is it that drives the MSM into George Orwell's 1984?

It is that you, the people of the USA, have a President that is trying to do what he promised to do and the career politicians and the msm do not like that.

Steve Boddey

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Paris Agreement

So the US has pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement and I for one agree because I believe that it is a slush fund for the UN.

I don’t for one minute believe in global warming but I do believe that mother nature every so often has a clean up.

The stupidity of some people who think that turning your lights out for one hour once a year and having a bag for life makes any difference to the worlds climate is unfathomable.

I wonder how  much money was spent getting the agreement together and I also wonder why France and German and many others leaders are so upset with the US decision, maybe seeing all those American dollars staying home could be a major factor. You will also note that they are doing their whining from the safety of their home.

So until they make it the law to believe in global warming/ climate change I will stick to Mother nature having a clean up.


Steve Boddey


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