Monday, August 19, 2019

My Service Record

July 14th, 1975 I joined the Royal Australian Navy, alas I only lasted 2 years as they could not teach me to swim and I suffered severely from seasickness.

Maybe I watched JAWS one too many times, who knows. Although it was tough I enjoyed my time and actually offered to remain a lesser ranking seaman so as to stay in the service of the RAN. Unfortunately, that was not an option.

Even though I spent a mere 2 years in service, the connection and the commitment to serve one's country as well as the undying connection to all those with whom I met and served with is something that is NEVER forgotten.

I never fought in a war (thank god) I never had to face a natural disaster and I never had to farewell anyone from my company.

I have respect for those that have and still serve. I shed tears for the fallen and the VETS that struggle and am a brother to anyone, anywhere in any country that serves their country for the betterment of the world.

Steve Boddey

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bullying in the Workplace

The art of bullying or manipulating circumstances to suit an agenda that affects another human being is totally unacceptable. I have faced this numerous times in my life. I want to share my story.

My suffering comes from having certain professional and ethical values that I believed in, yet the jobs I undertook asked me or rather told me to take my beliefs in what was right and wrong and ignore it.

I was forced to go against what I believed to be right and what was according to them, what was in the best interest of keeping my job.

Those that were supposed to enforce the anti-bullying laws were the ones ignoring them and even assisting in the employers' endeavors to dismiss the said, offender.
In the first instance of workplace bullying, I succumbed to a work injury, however, the company I was working for didn’t believe me. Everything I did, said or anyone I spoke to was questioned. I was eventually, by mutual agreement terminated from the job.

I decided after a payout from my previous employer to remove myself from the area. I didn’t expect to move to New Zealand but it seemed to be a safe bet and a new start.

I had during my rehabilitation from my work injury found that being a security officer seemed to fit my abilities. How wrong was I?

Initially, security suited me but then the outside influences started. My marriage failed and I moved to a different security officer job working in malls. Day three I took a hit to the head from a gang member and lost two days pay. I lost more time attending court where the offender after nearly a year was let off.

I was offered a position as a security officer at a supermarket store and had been excited at having what I thought would be less a stressful position, how wrong I was. The head of security was more interested in apprehension than utilizing methods of a deterrent. This caused conflict between myself and my supervisor which then incurred three warning (which were later rescinded) for offenses which were meant to put me in my place.

I resigned after I found that other employees had gone through similar experiences.

In my final job as a security officer and as my final job full stop I encountered the same pattern of workplace bullying.

My job description was totally different from what I was asked to do. When I asked for information relating to security matters I was told that cameras were down or the vision was blurred or there was nothing to be seen. I was never allowed to use nor see any camera vision.

Some employees complained of harassment by senior staff (which I witnessed) so I offered my services as I had experience in making complaints in an appropriate way. Unfortunately, this was part of my downfall.

I reported bullying by senior staff; I reported incidents of suspected theft and of course dodgy dealings.

I reported all of this to the powers that be but then I become accused of assorted accusations which although I denied, they could not be proved nor disproved. It all depended on which side of the fence one sat.

My struggle was trying to remain professional and ethical and yet fighting against people who have neither morals nor ethics.

We know who won.

I have not been able to work for the last 5 years yet I still live through those terrible times of having to try and defend oneself against those that do not care nor have any morals. I re-live the torment I went through, I re-live the lies and the fact those that were in control, just didn’t care.

Author Steve Boddey         

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Climate Change New Zealand

I suppose we should add climate change to the list of subjects that will always trigger people's emotions. The same way people are triggered by discussions' on religion and politics.

The world's climate has always been changing; it does so every year, from winter to spring to summer than autumn and back to winter. Some years are hotter and some are colder. Over millions of year, the earth climate has constantly changed it is nothing new.

Here in New Zealand, the latest trend is for the youth of today to march in the streets with their banners both homemade or mass produced and protest climate change.

They shout about the end of the world telling anyone and everyone that the planet is doomed; carbon emissions are destroying the earth's atmosphere and we need to do something now before it is too late.

The climate change they are so concerned about started with an insatiable need for money and now governments want to combat by throwing more money at the problem.

One would think that with all the technology we have at our disposal we would be better at looking after our environment however it is that very technology that is also a major player actually causing the problem. 

Electric cars present us with a reasonable example. We eliminate the use of fossil fuel and the CO2 emissions yet these vehicles require rechargeable batteries made from lead-acid ("flooded", deep-cycle, and VRLA), NiCd, nickel–metal hydride, lithium-ion, Li-ion polymer, and, less commonly, zinc-air and molten-salt batteries. The next problem is where do we dispose of the out of date (due to new technology), defective or damaged batteries?

We need to look at all products produced by man plastics, concrete, steel even timber. The mass deforestation happening here in New Zealand should also be looked at but no.

We will watch our TV's, use our computers, then video the youth protesting on our mobile phones post to social media and expressing our concerns about the planet then as the hype settles and the council workers clear the rubbish left behind they will wait until next time the media needs an infusion of hysteria.

There will always be dissident voices in these matters each side sighting this article or that to make a point until those who believe are labeled hoax conspirators' and those unbelievers are said to be in denial or old people who don't care.

I wonder how many walked to the protest, left their phones at home and refused to wear clothing and footwear made in counties where carbon emissions are the worlds worst. I wonder how many did their homework and made an honest effort to gain as much information as possible from both points of view?

Until the government makes it the law to believe in climate change I do what I can and will keep an open mind.

Author Steve Boddey

Thursday, May 23, 2019

The AFL Swamp

For quite some time the hierarchy of the AFL has been constantly bringing the game into disrepute yet have never been held accountable. 

They are very quick to penalise players, change rules, call out fans of the game while simply snubbing off criticisms of their own inability  to be fair and consistent.

The AFL has for a long time quietly brought in a religious aspect into play. Stop and think about the recent events, the 666 rule, a satanic symbol, the Carlton FC cheer squad being called out for chanting about the umpires’ sexual activities. (OK they chanted “Umpires a wanker”)

Those of us brought up with Christian values all know that too much masturbation (wanking) will make you go blind and yet when umpires blatantly misinterpret the rules or more often than not make inconstant rulings, to then call the umpire a wanker is now not acceptable?

Recently a player tried to climb and shake a goalpost while a player was about to kick for goal; which is a clear violation of the rules and should have been a free kick directly in front of goals, but no, the umpire took it upon himself to change the rule and gave a warning instead. This umpiring decision which has now been OK'ed by the AFL could now be applied to all AFL rules.

The AFL hierarchy needs to be held accountable for its in competence. It messes with the rules of the game every year for no other reason than to highlight its own self importance. 

They changed from 3 to 4 umpires simply so the crowd couldn’t chant the phrase “3 blind mice’. They also introduced women goal umpires for no other reason than to prevent the crowd from chanting “How big’s your dick” every time a goal is scored.

As much as I love Aussie Rules the AFL hierarchy is slowly squeezing the life out of this great game.

Author Steve Boddey

Monday, April 15, 2019


strained love,
no more communication,
nigh on a year,
been breaking the soul,
there’s no sign,
of the never ending heartache,
see how it hurts,
all up in the air.

flying high,
to get me past the viper,
wings cut,
by the angel standing by,
 father time has his moment,
leaving them all,
in a state of despair.

hot wind,
blows from the mouth of fools,
one feels,
the time has arrived,
a world spins,
while a dream is put together,
a tower of gold,
heading straight for the sky.

all eyes,
reach out for the ending,
circles squared,
as it falls  to the ground,
no screams,
upon the shattered landing,
flight takes a fall,
now there is blood on the sand.

Author Steve Boddey
For Poetry Pantry


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