Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Lock Down Week 1

It has now been a week since the lockdown of New Zealand and so far we have hardly changed the way we go about our daily lives.

No takeaway shops are open so I make my own. There are no retail shops to buy things like clothes, electrical goods or entertainment stuff.  There are some online shopping places however they are only to purchase essential items.

Karen and I have always kept to ourselves so we have been training for this very situation since 2009. It isn't that we are not sociable, we are it is just that so many people out there are inconsiderate, selfish fucking idiots. Panic buying at this time is the perfect example.

One of the downsides to lockdown is the constant bombardment and repetitive information from the so-called media, who take great delight in telling us that we are going to die. They are creating a pandemic of anxiety and fear within communities with the way the sensationalize every detail of this pandemic.

Why I need to know how many people in Italy or elsewhere either have CV19 or have died is beyond me. There is nothing I can do about it, I live in New Zealand, and all I want/need to know is what I can do to keep me my family safe, which would be to use the one thing lacking in today's world that is commonsense.

We have stopped listening/watching news items that mention what is going on, rather we visit the government website and listen to the Prime Ministers' daily briefing to get updates but turn it off once those idiots they call reporters to ask imbecilic questions.

We did join a few social media sites within our community to keep up to date but once more the ignorance, stupidity and the sheer lack of basic intelligence as well as abusive comments made sure we now stay away from them as well.

So week one is done and I am standing in line at Countdown supermarket. They will be shut on Good Friday I wonder if there will be panic buying on Thursday.

Of course, there will. SIGH!

Steve Boddey

Saturday, November 23, 2019

I made it to Sixty

I was born 24th November 1959 and I will be 60 years old tomorrow.

I don’t feel old and I am told I do not look 60 but I digress, I was born in Leeds UK and my parents departed the home country and arrived in Melbourne Australia on the 23rd of May 1965 which just happened to be my only sisters birthday.

I have outlived my Mum. Dad, Jesus, Princess Diana, Jimi Hendrix and many more celebs.

The only things I remember about the UK were living in a horseshoe housing estate and me shoveling snow from the neighbor’s pathways. I recall being at my Grandmas place in a kind of yellow safari suit and being in awe of the many rooms.
The sad part was leaving behind my favorite toy, a garage kind of building where cars would come and go, I remember being very upset.

The plane ride as I recall was a visit to the pilot cockpit and then my next memory is waking up in the Pennington Hostel a place where all immigrates ended up before being deployed to different parts of the country. We ended up in Elizabeth Field a suburb of Elizabeth a new City 40 km from Adelaide. There were many different immigrants who all got along very well unlike the immigrants of today. We all adapted into the Australian way of life; just going about our daily lives and as they say, living the dream.

My childhood is full of birthday parties where my mum made fairy cakes and our neighbor kids would come around and enjoy cordial and games of pass the parcel. Having six siblings meant a lot of birthday parties and although we were not well off, we were happy.

My mother was adorable and I have yet to find anyone who knew her have a bad word to say. Most people loved her Yorkshire puddings with gravy and her stews, which were always very tasty. As for my father; he was a different story. Raised in a convent due to WW2 he was a devoutly religious man who was totally consumed with the Catholic Church and its teachings which he enforced upon the family.

I embraced it for a while even becoming an altar boy, however, I started to question things and I was abruptly put in my place. So I joined the navy to get away from life in the Boddey household. In the navy at the age of 15 and a half, I found the real world and started to free thinking. I started to explore things that were different and out of step with my upbringing. For a short time I felt free and alive, alas it was short-lived.

I was medically discharged and sent back home where I struggled to fit in, at school nor at home life. I did put on a brave face and did the best I could. I worked at General Motor Holden thanks to a brother of mine and did very well until I decided to defect to the Nissan Motor Company in Victoria where I excelled.

I was married to my first wife at the time. She was a woman who gave us 2 beautiful children and who endured being left to looking after two kids while I was in Japan training to be a master supervisor. Unfortunately upon my return from Japan Nissan closed its Australian side and we returned home to South Australia. It went downhill from there. The reasons do not matter, other than to say they could have been handled better.

My second wife taught me a lot about sorting things out; however, my past and the things that had happened made things difficult. Unfortunately, I suffered a workplace injury that placed a strain on our relationship which eventually led to our parting of ways. Yes, there are differing viewpoints on the whys, the where for’s, etc of all my relationships but ultimately the truth lays with me and them.

So now I am sixty and have been married to my third wife for six years.
It hasn’t been the easiest of times as I had been bullied in 3 workplaces and have since been unable to work but we have worked together, shared our anxiety, panic attacks and depression experiences together growing as human beings and realising that there are a lot of fucked-up people in the world,

I digress, I am sixty and I am being told it is too salty, too sweet, too fatty, etc by doctors who are now concerned about my health. I am now, as my years of living are minimising being asked to stop enjoying life and become a health nut who is a fucking miserable because the bacon sandwich no longer is an acceptable sandwich.

I am sixty and if I am lucky I may have 20, 30 maybe 40 years left. For fucksake let me go out enjoying myself,

Steve Boddey

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

This is ME

Shortly I will be reaching a milestone in my life which sadly few have or will achieve. I don’t feel old yet the world we live in today tells a different story.

In today’s world, there is nobody more self-righteous or judgment that the generation we have at this time. Respect no longer holds any meaning, no one wants to take responsibility for their actions and always the blame is laid at something or someone else’s feet.

A society with all of this bullshit political correctness; want us to be incumbent on our history, judging the past by today's standards. You can't judge the history of empires by the political correct influences of the present.

We are expected to conform to whatever is the flavor of the day, forgetting that conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. If one has a differing viewpoint same, guilt, grievance and in some cases, violence is used to enhance arguments.

The generation of today doesn't have any vestige of what was good or bad unless of course, it suits them. They believe everything they are fed without questioning, without challenging a different scenario.

One should never believe something because you want to believe it!

I am not complicit in what has gone before. I was not there; I live in the here and now. I will listen when you have something to say civilly and when you can respect a perspective that conflicts with your thoughts or beliefs without disrespecting mine.

When abuse, misinformation, shouting, ranting, raving, the use of violence and intimidation are your weapons of choice you then have no credence and no valid argument. Yet this is what the world is experiencing right here right now. We are encouraging a victimhood mentality using the young to enhance an agenda that is unhealthy and dangerous.

We have stifled free-thinking to the point that people are afraid to express themselves for fear of being ridiculed, harassed or threatened.

Sad really.

Author Steve Boddey.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Victim or Perp NZ is too PC

As a security guard at a mall here in NZ, I was assaulted by a guy high on "P" I suffered a nearly fractured skull. 

The guy was caught and bailed I attended court as a witness for the police. he never turned up for any of the court's appearances however when he was picked up he was driving a stolen car high on "P", without a license and intoxicated. 

The judge gave him anger management duty which he never took up. In the end, the justice system decided that it was a lost cause and dropped the matter. 

I still suffer trauma from the incident and it is a contributing factor to why I can no longer work. As a victim of crime here in NZ, I was offered FUCK ALL! 

The system sucks.

Unfortunately here in NZ, the perp is treated as the victim and the victim as the person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Steve Boddey

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Climate Change 2019

Trying to find out what is true and what is not on climate change the topic is certainly a frustrating task as there are many articles on the subject.

Let’s face it you would have to be brain dead to deny that climate change has happened since the beginning of the formation of the planet and still happens as the earth moves through the four seasons however the way and so-called reasons for climate change are where I part company with climate change hardliners.

There are those that believe that global warming is caused by CO2 levels rising due to our use of fossil fuels and then there are the skeptics who believe that the sun, clouds oceans and the orbit variations of the earth and many other factors also contribute.
There is no evidence that CO2 emissions are the dominant factor.

There are also others, the global warming alarmists. They consist of politicians, environmentalists, and the media who seek money, power, and confirmation of their religious devotion to the thought of mankind destroying the planet. For the media it is headlines, ideology, and money.
Doomsday scenarios sell.

The sad thing is facts don’t matter. If you don’t believe the narrative put out you are labeled a denier, misinformed or even persecuted and if you do believe then you can blame climate change on anything and everything without an ounce of proof.

We have all heard the phrase “97% of scientists agree that climate change is real.” This is open-ended and misleading. We do not find out what about climate change did they agree on nor how they proved it.

We are constantly being fed misleading and unsubstantiated information regarding the subject.  As for having a sensible discussion the media doesn’t want to know neither do politicians.

The editor in chief of Stuff pointed out that they believe there is enough evidence of climate change and any comments to the contrary will be removed. This kind of attitude is why people are questioning the news we in New Zealand are being fed.

Author Steve Boddey.


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