Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Otago University - James Bond is a Drunk

You could only find this kind of crap in our education system. James Bond is a Drunk Otago University researchers have spent their time to conclude that 007 drank heavily over 6 decades. This dribble of wasted time and effort was published in the Medical Journal of Australia (Christmas Addition).

We all know (well those of us with a working brain) that James Bond is a fictitious character and the adventures he has are from a fantasy world, yet the attention seekers of the world have taken it upon themselves to now want James Bond to be put into rehab or banned as his behaviour encourages the rest of us to follow in his footsteps.

I have a collection of 20 James Bond movies and have watched them all numerous times. I have NOT ONCE, had the urge to even try a vodka martini (shaken not stirred) I also have yet to try expensive scotch, bollinger, gin etc nor have I had any inclination to do any other of the activities as stated in the article.
Honestly, have the researchers at New Zealands Otago University got nothing more important things to research.
James Bond is not REAL he doesn't exist, he is a made up person, none of the drinking and his actions actually happened.

No wonder the next generation is fucked.

Steve Boddey

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Auckland wasting more Ratepayers money

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) continually show us how incompetent they are when it comes to distribution of funding and we are talking rate payers money..

ATEED has cut funding to the Christmas parade however has given $45,000 of ratepayer’s money to the Pride Parade and also assists funding the Diwali Festival.

In New Zealand, according to the 2018 census 48% of people stated they were Christian, 42% were not religious 6% were other religions and 4% had no clue.
Of the 6% of other religions 2.6% were Hindi.

As the 2018 census didn’t include any questions regarding sexual preference nor sexual orientation it is difficult to know what percentage there is in the LGBTIQ+ community. According to New Zealand Attitudes and Values study 2016 94.2% of people claimed to be heterosexual/straight 2.6% Gay/ Lesbian 1.8% Bisexual .6% Bi-Curious .5% Pansexual and .3% Asexual.

To cut funding for a Christmas parade that 48% of the population celebrates yet give funding of rate payers money to organisations that serve 5.8% and a 2.6% of the population is political correctness gone mad.

It is blatantly obvious that the ATEED is giving ratepayers money to appease minority groups at the expense of the majority.

We all love festivals and it is great to see and hear people enjoying the differences we all have however when the ATEED and the Auckland Council start deciding which festivals are worth celebrating the city is entering dangerous territory.

You want to use my rates for festivals then ask me which ones!
Oh and I thought our infrastructure required attention.

Steve Boddey

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Gotta Love God!

While creating Husbands,
God promised women that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of the world.  
And then he made the earth round.

Whitesnakes do it better ................. With a slight of the tongue!

COT Ma Hat and me Gan Dee!

A bald bespectacled man,
Olive skin and beady eyes,
A peaceful kind of fighter,
No fool but very wise.
Beaten for not moving,
From first class to the third,
Even had a first class ticket,
Racism and predjuice,
 Really it's absurd!
One shot was all it took,
30th January 48,
His closest friends betrayed him,
He found out much to late. 

An eye for an eye,
Will make the whole world go blind.
A lesson to be learned,
A lesson for mankind!

Whitesnakes do it better .....................  On Carry on Tuesday

New Zealand to BAN smoking in cars

The New Zealand Government is planning to Ban Smoking in cars with Children under 18  and fine those that do. New Zealand also wants to be a smoke free country. 

This is once another example of the stupidity of the so called do gooders within this country and government.

I am all for healthy living in today’s world but to ban smoking in cars is totally insane especially if you are arguing that you are concerned about a child’s health, how about at home? Is the government going to ban smoking in homes?

I do not see the point of this ban, it has no merit.
A mother/father gets in the car and heads off to pick the kids up and has a smoke on the way, smoke is finished, kids get in and when they are all home another smoke is lit up. These idiots have not thought this through. 

If they were genuine just ban the sale of cigarettes. As of the 1st January 2020 no more cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco no more smoking full stop!

Will they do it? No! Why? To difficult and we lose all that tax money that we waste on other ridiculous ideas we come up with.

So when I say New Zealand is PC crazy you are now getting the idea.

Steve Boddey


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