Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mike Hosking and his opinion

Once more the attention seeking twats are out, complaining over the opinion of Mike Hosking comments on Maori on councils.

Here is what he said:- "There's nothing wrong with Maori representation on councils because any Maori that wants to stand for a council is more than welcome to do so and you can sell your message and if you're good enough you'll get voted on."

These words have outraged some in the community who have nothing better to do than air their beliefs calling for these offensive racist comments to be dealt with to the full extent of the law. These attention seekers wanting Mr Hosking to be hung drawn and quartered for having an opinion that most people think but won’t say.

This is the PC world of New Zealand living in the past not moving with the future in mind.

Steve Boddey

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Anxiety The Blank Stare

There is constant spiraling within my mind and the blank stare. Looking lifeless, yet inside there is continual turmoil. This is anxiety, my anxiety brought on by bullying in the workplace and always trying to please others.

There is neither faith nor trust in authoritative figures. Health issues, especially mental ones now cause problems getting back to work. The challenge to change the way I think is draining.

It is not all gloom and doom, changes are coming and the future looks bright.

The support of the best wife in the world is one of my greatest assets and I am grateful everyday for all that I have, even the anxiety.

As age creeps up on me I am becoming more accepting of life with its ups and downs. Even with a mind that is full of a barrage of what ifs I do find solace in that blank stare that for a short time gives me peace.

Steve Boddey

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump That

Donald Trump looks certain to become the Republican nominee for the presidential race and yet we still have the GOP up in arms, crying like spoilt little kids. I wonder why?

It was the American people who voted for Trump not republican delegates.

It is TRUMP that the people WANT and it will be the up to the American PEOPLE to decide in November who they want as their next president.

When did the establishment get to veto the peoples choice?

Steve Boddey

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Disable Me

After being diagnosed with Essential Tremors my doctor has decided that I am unable to return to work. There aren’t any jobs for someone who can’t use their hands continuously.

Medication has been tried however the side effects were not good and my doctor does not want me on other meds that have been proven to be addictive.
So for now I will be joining the disabled benefit crew which will take the pressure off me to find work and not having the worry of the benefit being cut off.

I am very fortunate to have a loving/caring wife who understands and is very supportive of me on this journey.

Steve Boddey

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Essential Tremors

My visit to the specialist was truly eye opening as I discovered that the tremors I have are known as Essential Tremor a neurological disorder. While not dangerous it will get worse over time.

It is thought to be a genetic mutation in 50% of cases and being that other family members have similar symptoms this is inherited. Medication has been tried, however the side effects are not good.

Deep brain stimulation maybe an option but it also comes with side effects.

I have a Doctors appointment to discuss the next step.

Steve Boddey

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trash Talking and getting rid of Easter

How two men can go about and slag off at each other reminds me of my childhood when who trash talked the loudest and could state the most awful things was deemed to be a winner.

Trash talking goes on everywhere, from cricket to wrestling to anything where two sides have opposing viewpoints. So it comes as no surprise when the media goes out of its way to highlight it.

When it comes to politics, the media does trash talking the best. Over here in New Zealand you would think that the only candidates in the running were Trump and Clinton. There is hardly ever a mention of anyone else unless Hilary or Donald bring up the names.

New Zealand is a very beautiful country and while the majority of people here are very warm and welcoming there is a minority that rule. This minority are the over the top politically correct twats that are constantly looking to get headlines and are now looking to get rid of Easter as it is a Christian celebration and may offend some other religious group that we may or may not have heard of.

There is a great fear in New Zealand about saying what one thinks. It is a country where certain people just don’t care, whether that is on the roads or in shopping centres.

The justice system is a joke and the laws that are in place to protect people are just window dressing for the do gooders to smile and tell everyone how wonderful they are.

Let us hope and pray that Isis doesn’t give us a wake up call that shows political correctness for what it is, nothing but a waste of effort.

Steve Boddey

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Republican Party Imploding

With all the hype about Donald Trump becoming President I wonder why some people are afraid?

I’ll tell you why, because for the first time in along time the people of America are getting their voices heard. Already the Republican Party is planning to take away what the voters want if Mr Trump doesn’t win enough nominations by manipulating the system.

Who are the real criminals here? The GOP needs to listen to the American people if it has any chance of having an American President.

All those dooms day folks who with all their multinational backers are spreading fear and half truths are running scared. Their end is nigh, all their corruption will be laid bare and America WILL be made great again.

Steve Boddey


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