Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome

It is blatantly obvious that those opposed to President Trump have no clue why. It’s true just try and ask them why; you will get a tirade of words like racist, bigot, Nazi, carrot top and a dick.

Ok, give me an example. They simply cannot give an honest answer and of course the more you press the angrier they get until it becomes pointless to have any meaningful conversation. They have reached the fourth stage of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Maxine Waters apparently been sent by God to stop Trump. Why did God decide to send her now and not earlier? Me thinks God is having a laugh.

Why does crying Chuck have glasses he always looks over the top of them? Ole Chucky baby gives the impression he is out of his depth with Trump as President.

Why does Juan Williams from the Five always take a positive and put a negative spin on it? He reminds me of an uncle who always came up with so called facts that had nothing to add to any conversation.

Nancy Pelosi the grandma that just refuses to hold the grandkids in case they turn Republican.

Oh and now we have Cortez. Please tell me Americans do not buy into what she is selling. Commonsense tells me she has lost the plot completely how can any sane person believe anything that comes out of her mouth? I hope she’s not married.

You cannot in all honesty have a sensible conversation with ant anti Trump person, they simply listen not to understand but to reply in the most spiteful, degrading and intimidating way. They do this because they would have to accept their own failings and admit they were wrong.

No point flogging a dead horse.

Steve Boddey

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