Tuesday, July 17, 2018

PC New Zealand

In January 2019 I will have lived here in New Zealand for 10 years, time flies by so quickly. The country itself is very beautiful. I remember when I first arrived; I had been mesmerized by the different flora and the many shades of green. Coming from a land where there are many shades of brown, green was comforting on the senses and the sea breezes relaxed the mind.

I can only speak about my time in Auckland as this is where I have lived while here and let me say that the place is fine and dandy it is just that some of the people here are a reminder why there are mental institutions.

New Zealand is one of the most politically correct countries in the world, spending time trying to please everyone that whines and moans about this or that, trying to appease minority groups and claiming the city is very much a multicultural paradise. 

Now there’s a laugh!

Integrate is what many do not do and that is why multiculturalism never works. People come here and are treated as equals and given far more assistance than people already here. Then New Zealanders are forced to adapt to accepting others lifestyles and customs whilst losing their own.

What was once ok is now called racist or offensive if it doesn’t conform to the politically correct society New Zealand is.

The PC brigade judges history by today’s standards and you just can’t do that. You shouldn’t be incumbent by ones history yet we do it all the time.

By now if you have read this far some may suggest I head back to where ever I came from, however I love this country and simply because we have a lot of twats screwing it up isn’t going to intimidate me. I want to see the Land of the Long White Cloud not the Land of the Thin White Skin.

Steve Boddey

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