Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wake up America

I am English born, Australian bred male now living in New Zealand.

Donald Trump is your President yet there are those that dispute this on the grounds that they do not like the idea!

So, your electoral system elected him, however you don’t like the outcome so you want to protest it?

What sort of idiots are you?

You knee for your flag and anthem?

You disrespect everything your country stands for?

I lived in a time when the USA was a country that was respected and a country that every other country aspired to be.

Now, you are a country that has no balls, no sense of patriotism and no sense of belief in what is right.

I have American friends who are true to the spirit of what the USA stands for yet are constantly abused for their stance merely because it differs from the others.

There will always be dissident voices heard in the land, expressing opposition without alternatives, finding faults but never favour, perceiving gloom on every side and seeking influence without responsibility. Those voices are inevitable.” That was JFK a democrat.
This in its sheer simplicity sums up those who choose to be offended or chant racist at the drop of a hat.
They are the attention seekers who will stir up the masses with no intention of solving the problem.

They are the problem and they are the blockage that needs to be removed. So we can move forward.

Steve Boddey

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