Saturday, August 19, 2017

America Becoming 1984

To be honest, I can not for the life of me, understand how fucking stupid a vast majority American people are.

Monuments that have stood for over 100+ years without a so much as a BOO, are suddenly being called out as being racist or offensive.

The Main Stream Media blatantly lies and ignores the truth, even when it is laid out in front of them. How do these people sleep at night? What kind of drugs are these people on?

How do sensible people, sensible Americans, determine what is real and what news is twisted to suit a narrative?  How do the REAL people in the USA see the violence that is now an everyday occurrence when there is a protest or a rally?

You have a president that is trying to do everything that he and the party, (that is suppose to have his back) promised to do, yet the party and the media fumble and stumble like children in a playground they have seen for the first time.

Why, because for once, you have a President that has said he will do this and that and meant it!

The fact that he ACTUALLY is trying to do what he promised to the American people is unacceptable to those that govern and those that report on those that govern,

What is so hard? What is so difficult to understand? What is it that drives the MSM into George Orwell's 1984?

It is that you, the people of the USA, have a President that is trying to do what he promised to do and the career politicians and the msm do not like that.

Steve Boddey
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