Friday, June 2, 2017

The Paris Agreement

So the US has pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement and I for one agree because I believe that it is a slush fund for the UN.

I don’t for one minute believe in global warming but I do believe that mother nature every so often has a clean up.

The stupidity of some people who think that turning your lights out for one hour once a year and having a bag for life makes any difference to the worlds climate is unfathomable.

I wonder how  much money was spent getting the agreement together and I also wonder why France and German and many others leaders are so upset with the US decision, maybe seeing all those American dollars staying home could be a major factor. You will also note that they are doing their whining from the safety of their home.

So until they make it the law to believe in global warming/ climate change I will stick to Mother nature having a clean up.


Steve Boddey

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