Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rainy day

Moving can be a stressful experience and moving to another country can be even more trying. It is a time when doubts make one question decisions made and one questions the validity of what one set to do.

The other day Auckland had a max temp of 32.4 and everyone sweltered. Well everyone except me. Just thought it was a nice day ta be perfectly honest.

Today is Valentine’s Day and it is raining outside. Right now it somehow seems appropriate.

Even during the warm dry days over here the flora remains green. I guess that i am that use ta seeing brown that green can be quite a pleasant change.

The sounds made by the motorway behind our house bring a sense of comfort. When I sit out the back and listen to the traffic it can be quite a soothing sound almost tranquil in a strange kind of way.
I have been spending a few hours each day walking through the Botanical Gardens which are a short walk from here. I sit and watch the world go by. I ponder my life ahead and sup on a couple of beers at the restaurant. I watch the people come and go. The tourists and the locals make a colourful picture against the Gardens backdrop.

Sometime this week I will be off to Christchurch. Shaz, Mum and Bev my companions on this journey and they are wanting ta do the tourist thing. I was never a tourist and never want to be. As I have mentioned in previous posts I would rather sit with the locals and eat, drink and listen to them talk.
While we are there I am looking forward to catching up with Marja . Should be an interesting encounter. The woman is very quiet and me, well I polite and softly spoken and of course a lovable chap. It will be good to catch up and see her and meet her family.

The job front is looking good and I will be getting stuck into job hunting after Christchurch.
Our stuff is still stuck in Melbourne so we have no idea when that will arrive.

I miss the PC speakers that give my PC much needed grunt when I play music. I miss those that I consider ta be my closest friends. I miss Munno Para Shopping Centre and the guys I use ta work with. I miss my girls at Shiels and Grahams jewellery store. I miss those retailers that I have or rather had come to know so well. I miss my family. (Is there anyone I have left out?)
Adapting to a different country isn’t always easy but I am getting there.
That has to be a good thing.

Whitesnakes do it better ....... When ya all alone and ya do what ya can!
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