Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The heat is on!

Strange as it may seem, it is very difficult to describe New Zealand.
There are not enough positive adjectives to explain what this place is like. From the places to the people. Lifestyles vary and there is of course the beautiful weather.

Speaking of weather, my home town of Adelaide South Australia has sufferred its worst heatwave in ages. It is still going and there is no relief insight till maybe Sunday. I got out just in time. The sad thing is that 40 odd people have died from the heat. This ta me is totally unnecessary. Then there have been power cuts as air conditioners have been pumping none stop for over 2 weeks.
Not enough power ta go round.

These pricks who run these so called electrical companies charge way too much for a crappy service. They knew the heat was coming and were ill prepared for it. Even this ole fella knows that every year we get a week or two of heat that keeps aircons on 24/7.

To give ya an idea of the heat put ya oven on full, leave it for a couple of hours then open the door and climb in. I kid you not! It gets really frigging hot.

The old joke of frying an egg on the pavement isn’t always a joke. The biggest joke is that the temperature the bureau gives out comes from the shade where ya can have anything from a 5-15 dgree drop from direct sun.

The thing that annoys me most is that there are the senior people out there that no one checks up on. DON’T tell me no one knows. They got family and friends neighbours. Someone somewhere knows. Even if ya do knock on their door and they tell ya ta “FUCK off” at least ya made the effort.

In this day and age and in a country like Australia you have gotta be kidding me that this thing can be classed as normal. “These things happen.”The wanker said. OH really, when the truth came out they cut the power ta the WRONG fucking house!!!!!!!

Don’t it make ya wanna go and kick the living shit outta the CEO while he is sitting in his 20c office!

“Settle down Stevie boy.”

It just breaks my heart that so many have passed away and for what? There will be no compensation no nothing. They will be putting the price of Gas and Electric up later this month so that they can improve services. That’s what they said last year and the year before and blah blah blah!

The one thing I will miss about OZ is the football and my beloved Crows!
Me family I miss but that is standard aye?

Oh well I’ll sign off now from the “Widow Room" as my wife calls it.
Take care ya’ll and stay cool, or warm depending on where ya are!

Whitesnakes do it better ........ When ya a cool aussie in NZ!
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