Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kia Ora!

Well, finally I have made the move and am settling in.
I can’t believe how time flies by when moving house. Not so long ago before the move, time past so slowly. Now that we are here it is passing quickly.

I had a wee bit of trouble setting up the internet but it is all sorted now.
The people here have been awesome. It has been a never ending story of people popping by and phoning. Asking if there is anything we need. They bring round stuff or have a look around here and ask if we need this or that. It has been very touching.

This week is the time when Shaz and I start looking for work. I already have a few nibbles and I am looking forward to moving on here in NZ.
Visiting the gardens (botanical) has been a treat. Pak ‘n’ Save is still my favourite shopping stop and Lion Red my favourite beer.

The furniture and other stuff don’t arrive for another 4-6 weeks but we are doing ok. Can’t wait ta start getting my brewing started? Give these Kiwi’s a really good tasting beer aye?
The weather here is so different from what I am use too. The sun is harsher yet it doesn’t get that hot. Of course Adelaide is now in the midst of a heat wave and I have missed it.....yippee!

I have a new PC and some other toys ta play with which is really cool. I do however miss my special speakers for the PC as the music I play just doesn’t sound the same as it use to.
The house is a townhouse with three bedrooms and is totally different to what I am accustomed too.

The food here is tasty and I already have had the BBQ running. Honestly ya could take a blind man round the fruit and veggie places here and he could tell ya each fruit and veg purely on smell. It is that fresh. Of course over here there are so many different cultures that the variety of foods is truly amazing.
Well for now I bid ya all adieu.

Whitesnakes do it better............ When ya an Aussie in Kiwi land.
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