Thursday, January 15, 2009

Final post in OZ

Do we really know how much we hurt people?

By our actions, words and pictures?

How do we know? How will we know? Do we ever consider it?

One of my faults is that my mouth shoots off before my brain can tell me that ya shouldn’t say that!

Bugga aye?

Looking around, in these final hours before I leave. I am finding no peace of mind only sadness.
Maybe it is just me and my sentimental ways.

I am feeling alone and lost in a melody of music.
The road I am about to travel is long and uncertain but it is at least something. I ride the wind hoping that it will calm me down.

I am a gambler by nature always searching and dreaming of a better way. Am I really doing that?

Negativity is running ramped.
I hate not having positivity as my companion.

Maybe tomorrow as I board the plane I will find something to look forward too.
Until then I must bid you all a farewell and ya all have ta wait till the net is back on.
Take care me little lovelies.

Whitesnakes do it better .......When there is a rainbow ahead. Well I hope so!
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