Saturday, January 10, 2009

Retribution? Yeah Right!

My last shift at work comes up tomorrow and as professional as I am when it comes to work, I fear it will be a long sad day.

Not that I will want it that way but ya just can't help feeling a tad down when ya have ta say good bye to new friends that ya have made.
I have been blessed ta have met some wonderful people including a young woman who I use to go ta school with. It is not goodbye, it is the start of a new life with new challenges.

I thrive on challenges.
Since my decision ta move ta NZ I have had mainly positive responses, however there have been a few negative ones.
Negative ones? You eyebrows rise up.
Ya see there are some that think the move to NZ is not in their best interests. That it will spoil their party.
So, out come the threats of retribution and the blah blah blah of a pile of crap that would do a sewer proud.
Sad really that these people just don't get it. They are so self centered in their own little world they forget that life moves on with or without their say so. Their loss is my gain. I actually feel sorry for them which is kind of strange aye?

Feeling the love is what gets me through. It's all good!
Not long to go now.
With all the parties and BBQ's that we have been attending there is little time to write. I have no idea when I will have access ta the internet but it shouldn't be too long I hope.
Shaz has been busting her boiler ta see that all is packed and that the house is made ready.

I am blessed that my nephew is putting us up for a few days before we leave. He has help out heaps. Their daughter has taken a shine ta me. I have ta sing silly songs ta keep the baby happy.

His wife has been brilliant and welcomed us with open arms. Guess that is her Canadian hospitality coming out. Cool aye?

Our new home is ready and waiting. Our furniture has been packed and is now in transit. There is only the cleaners ta come in and the final inspection ta be done. Then we wait a few days before we leave.

So for now I am not sure when I will post again but have no fear.
"I'll be back!"
Oh and one more thing.
To my daughter.

I am not leaving you. I have done my job as far as bringing you up. It is time you made your own way in life. I still love ya and my door will always welcome you but for now I have ta follow the path I have chosen. Whether it is right or wrong doesn't matter. It is something I want to do and will do regardless.

Whitesnakes do it better ........... When ya a Aussie in NZ!
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