Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rush rush rush

The enormity of moving is somewhat bewildering.
Shaz has done most of the sorting as we are getting the packing done professionally.
It leaves me to do bits and pieces.
The house hold items will be packed some time this morning. We then stay at my nephews place until it is time to leave.

Shaz has her works farewell dinner on Wednesday, which happens ta be today. I have to work, well dont HAVE to I choose too.
Thursday we have farewell dinner with friends, friday I work and my final day is Saturday, this is also the day we do a dump run and remove the final household bits and pieces..
Sunday the day of rest..........Yeah Right! My niece has invited us for lunch and then if we want to Shaz's workmates want us to go to some place and have a few drinks.
Monday is when the cleaners come in and tidy up the place, Tuesday the final inspection and hand in the keys. Then it is goodbye OZ............

I miss writing but I just dont manage my time properly. So many idea run through the head. So many things to do and say. Just have to take one day at a time. Breathe from the stomach and chill ........... Wonderful words of wisdom.

Whitesnakes do it better .........................When ya breathe boy breathe!
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