Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Slip of the Tongue

Isn’t it funny how people come into ya life and leave?
Happens all the time aye?
Ever wondered what sort of an effect ya really had on someone?
Ever thought about all the stuff ya shared and said?
Did it ever really mean anything?

COURSE it did!

We all at some point dwell on the bad things that happen to us.
Oh bugga!
It is always easier to be angry and lash out than it is to hold ya tongue, stop, think and then release ya feelings in a constructive way. This ole snake has on many occasions been caught out by verbally dribbling on without thinking. (I appear ta be a slow learner)

The actions we take can and do determine what kind of people we will become. Even as we get older I believe that most of us learn from our actions and can adapt to the way things pan out.
Notice I said most. There are some who will change ta get what they want then revert back ta the way thing were. Some never learn from that.


“There are no such things as problems only opportunities.”

They say things happen for a reason. They say time heals wounds. They say things always look darker before the sun rises.
Whoever “They” are should be taken out the back and shot. Bringing out all those sayings that are probably as old as father time himself.

I sometimes wish I could follow my own advice when I get in a rut. I seem ta be pretty good at offering advice (Most of which is damn good advice at that!) but when I fall into a similar position in life that so called good advice seems ta nick off and leave ya ta sit and ponder on ya tod.

Moving over here has been a real eye opener.
The thing that has been my greatest comfort is loving my own company. Being comfortable with whom I am and things I have done.

Ya do have ta be careful ya don’t fall into the trap of shutting out the rest of the world. You have to remain part of it, however, I do enjoy the little talks I have with myself, the stories I write and the poems that come from the heart.
As time passes me by I find I tend to keep pretty much to myself these days. I venture out and can still put smiles on dials, I can enjoy things I see and do yet I still keep people at a distance.

I have to deal with life’s ups and downs in my own way and my own time. That in itself can be very difficult for those around me ta deal with. In most cases they only wanna help ya and be there but each of us deals with things in different ways and my way is certainly not in the text book. That makes it hard for others ta comprehend and even accept. This usually leads ta more problems and misunderstandings.

Such is life, and then they hang ya!

Having the gift of being able ta make people feel good about themselves and getting them to believe that there is something out there for each and every one of us. Being able ta baffle people with comments I leave simply because they haven’t looked at their post the way I did. Makes me feel pretty frigging good about who I am and where I am going. There are of course those out there who just cannot for the life of themselves see what’s so funny, or just can’t come to terms with the way I think.
Well that’s ok!
Just don’t piss down my back and then tell me it’s raining.

My ability to adapt to meeting different people from different walks of life. To be able to tolerate nutters and dickheads who crap on about this and that yet won’t let you viewpoint be heard is an asset I sometimes take for granted. Maybe I sell myself short. Or maybe I just don’t take the time to look at all the good things I have done. All the people I have made happy.

Sometimes we all need ta stop, think and then give ourselves a wee pat on the back and tell ourselves what a good people we really all are. There really is too much emphasis placed on negative things. Everyone is entitled ta bitch and moan about things, just don’t keep on and on and on. We all will be hurt and feel pain. It is how ya deal with it and what ya learn from it that matters.

I am fortunate that my outlook when something bad happens I move on quickly. Doesn’t mean I don’t care or don’t think about it. Just means I am giving myself time ta think in a rational manner without dwelling on it too much.

Bloody Hell!
Did I really come up with that?
Strike me pink!
Wonder how ya would give a snake a pat on the back?

Whitesnakes do it better .......... With a Slip of the Tongue!
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