Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christchurch The Whitesnake Cometh!

It came outta the blue so...... be afraid, be very afraid. To Use KB's words


Welcome ta sunny Christchurch NOT!

It absolutely pissed down with rain for the first two days. Not That I minded but Akaroa was not the same Akaroa that Marja talks about.

All those beautiful pictures she has on her blog..... Yeah Right Must have got em from a magazine or something.
The pics I took were grey and wet and cloudy and NO! It was not the cameras fault nor the operators’ fault so Nah!

It was misty rainy and very cloudy. It was still great fun though. We all decided ta go off and buy some winter clothes ta wear. Just to see us through the rest of our stay.

OH Dear! Didn’t need them after that. Bugga Aye?

I must say that Akaroa was beautiful even with the wintery conditions. There was a guy there who pulled his boat in and started filleting the fish he had caught and sells them to the public. Can’t get any fresher than that aye? We brought some and had them when we got back home. Simply delicious!

We played the first few days by ear. Just floating round from one place to another. I spent some time at the pub which is my want! The girls did their thing and we were quite content and totally enjoying ourselves.

Come the Sunday, well poor Shaz was crooker than a crook persons crook bits. Threw up early Sunday morning. Must have caught some bug. Let me tell ya ..... It was not a good look.

Being that we had ta go ta Marja’s place later that day we decided ta wait as long as we could before heading off. We kind of hoped Shaz would feel better but unfortunately she was in no fit condition ta come out. So Mum and I went and Bev took us there and would come back ta pick us up. Bev didn’t have the heart ta leave Shaz alone and being that I had promised Marja I would come I couldn’t break a promise.

When we got ta Marja’s place I had ta laugh.

Her back garden is her front door and it is all fenced off like a back garden. Being that I am not use ta this style of housing I found it quite amusing. At the time I wasn’t even sure we had the right house.

When ya meet Marja for the first time ya know it is her but (and I kid you NOT) she is more beautiful than her photos. All the pics I have seen of the woman do NOT do her justice! She is simply gorgeous!

Well enough of the brown nosing.
We were greeted and welcomed like royalty. Flags waving and a few tables set out simple but nice.

We brought along a few beers and some bottles of wine both red and white. Marja enjoys a red wine by the way. Not just one neither!

We talked for a while and I passed on hellos from KB and Keith but then the ole mother in law gets her gums inta gear and whoa and behold I am left there ta fend for me self.
Enter Marja’s better half.

William the Great! Such a handy man. A wee bit shy at first but after a few brews he was ticking over nicely. Fortunately both William and I, or should I say I, decided there was not enough beer in the fridge to last so he kindly offered ta take me down ta the local bottle shop and we picked up a couple of cases of beer.

Back at Marja’s place we talked and we had an absolutely brilliant time. I must admit I did have a good laugh at wee William’s BBQ however....... He is THE MAN when it comes ta cooking. The steaks were simply divine.

Marja’s Dutch salad was to die for and honestly there were times when I wished ya could have been there with me. I actually thought about ya a lot.

Well we arrived about 1pm and departed around 9pm so we certainly had a good session. More good news was that Shaz made it and was able ta spend some time with Marja and her family and share the love and the companionship that this family oozes.

Marja and William, thank you so much for a wonderful day. Unfortunately the pics I wanted ta put on my blog did not turn out so I will have to come back and take them again. However there are a couple of short vids that may do
Is that a bad thing?

Kaikoura was our next stop.
A day trip and what a day. The views of the beaches there have to be seen to believed.
Pictures do not do the place justice.
I will try and post some but ya just have ta see it for yaself to realise the beauty of it.

All too soon the holiday ends and ya have ta head home.

So now I am at home and back into the world of reality. The future holds plenty of adventures. There are lots of things I have to do. It is like life has just begun and whatever journeys I take I am taking you along.

How can I not?

Whitesnakes do it better....... Cos those that truly know me, know I deliver on a promise!

William the BBQ King ...oh and a snake along side..........hehehehe!

So this is Marja and me..........WHO took these so called Pics?

AND the young lady who took the pics and couldn't get em as pics but got them as videos.....

The lovely and elegant............ errrrr what's her name again Marja?

Whitesnakes look good aye?

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