Friday, February 27, 2009

Just a Rant!

Friendship is defined as what?

I have a lot of friends but few are close enough to get to know me well. Few would dare. It is well documented that a Whitesnakes bite can be lethal. It is also a well known fact that when you mess with friends of the snake you are taking your life in your hands and believe me your life isn’t worth much when you cross me.

Not that I have ever had the need to attack. I choose stealth and cunning. When struck you won’t know what hit ya! The bite doesn’t come as one would think. Having said all that, it does take a hell of a lot to rile this ole Whitesnake. Many have tried and all have failed. Failed miserably, mainly due to their inability to see things from my perspective. They revert to the basic human function of blaming everyone and everything but themselves. They use abuse and threats to try and get their point across. It is truly pointless. Resistance is futile the Whitesnake will get you in the end or total ignore you as one would a boil on the backside of humanity.

Once the abuse starts I will pass it off as I would taking a crap. One of those things ya have ta put up with but once rid of it ya feel so much better. These type of people are like a pooh in the toilet, totally and utterly useless and can be flushed away with the press of a button.

Amazingly enough those that come up with the standard abuse have no idea who you are. They never get to know you well enough to say “Oh yeah he means this not that.” Many a time I have left comments on blogs and the blogger must wonder where the hell I came up with that! It is my nature to read a post and comment on the thing that sticks out in my mind the most. Sometimes, well most times it is but a few simple words that have nothing to do with whatever the main content was.

Just lately a few of my friends have been harassed by people described above. Just hit the delete button people. Or block their emails. Ignore these parasites that have nothing better ta do than come into your space and ferret around trying to seek attention.

You do have ta feel sorry for them though aye?
Nothing better ta do, aww such is life. Oh I have had my share of spineless tossers leaving bullshit comments or sending threating emails. Alas their efforts have been in vain, they have wasted their time, energy and internet usage on doing something only deprived people would do.

You all did notice how I myself indulged in a wee bit of abuse myself aye?
Always good to make sure ya let off a bit of steam yaself so as not to let it build up and fester. One should always have a hissy fit once in a while ta clear the passage ways at both ends.

Me finks this is the problem with many things we face. Rather than dealing with it we ignore or put it to one side. Not everyone can do it but I like ta deal with probs as soon as they happen. Of course this sometimes needs ya ta stop and think about what ya doing or saying. Two things I must say I need ta practice more. Ahh I hear you ask, “Will he?” Mmm probaly not!
Where is all this leading?
Fucked if I know. Maybe I just needed ta have a rant and a rave!

Whitesnakes do it better ............ When ya just press delete!
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