Friday, September 9, 2016

What's wrong with that? Trump

I’m not American but I do find the politics of the USA very interesting especially since I grew up respecting what a great country it was. Yes was!

I have sadly seen a once great country become a land that has lost its way.

So we have a presidential candidate who wants to send illegal aliens back to where they came from because they are in the USA ILLEGALLY! What’s wrong with that?

He wants to stop refugees/immigrants coming into the country illegally and without proper vetting. What’s wrong with that?

Then there is the wall which will help secure the border from illegal aliens and drug smugglers. What’s wrong with that?

Americas armed forces to become the best of the best. What’s wrong with that?

Americas veterans to get the support and help they need. What’s wrong with that?

The corruption within politics is going to be brought into the open and dealt with appropriately. What’s wrong with that?

Jobs will be brought back to America. What’s wrong with that?

The America that I knew growing up will be brought back from the jaws of misery and made great again. 

What’s wrong with that?

Steve Boddey
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