Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dear America

To the American people,

Come November the 8th you will not only be voting for Americas future but also the future direction of the rest of the world.

As an English born, Australian bred man now living in New Zealand I have watch all the videos, read all the articles and listened to all the differing views of the US election.

I have seen videos of people being asked if they would support Sharia law or if they would support illegal immigrants being able to vote and so many said yes.

I honestly hope that the American people are not that stupid!

I remember when the USA was looked up  to as a country to be looked up to a country that was what every other country wanted to strive to be but alas your country is now at a cross road. You have to decide whether you want to carry on down the same path or place your trust in someone who wants to do the best for America and the American people.

I have many friends who have differing views from me and that is ok, I respect their viewpoints and I always listen, however I just can’t change my views that the best person to move America forward and back to its majestic best is Donald J Trump.

I also note that as with every election dirty tactics are used. What someone said 20 or 11 years ago doesn’t matter what someone did while in office how ever does matter.
When Hilary Clinton was asked the questions about Bengazi she said those famous words “What does it matter”

What matters Mrs Clinton is that 4 Americans died on your watch you have to be held accountable and like so many of your other screw ups you blatantly turn your back on your responsibility to the American people, treating them like third class citizens.

To the American people, you have a responsibility to vote not only  to make America great again but also make the world great again.

Steve Boddey

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