Saturday, September 3, 2016

Auckland New Zealand

I am English born, Australian bred male now living in New Zealand with my wonderful wife and an elderly cocker spaniel.

I now live in South Auckland after spending 3 years living in East Auckland.

As an outsider looking in I get a unique view of New Zealand and Auckland both its good and bad sides.

Auckland mayor Len Brown’s vision of creating a super city here in Auckland I believe just hasn’t worked and he will leave Auckland Council with a mountain of debt and no clear path to travel.  

As for New Zealand, the current government has clearly been in power to long becoming arrogant when challenged and lately showing signs of losing touch with reality.

On a bright note at least, New Zealand/Auckland have a very diverse cultural population which is highlighted every year by the many cultural festivals and events.

There are also the spectacular views both north and south with every form of entertainment to cater for everyone’s taste from adrenalin junkie to the relaxing coffee with friend at the multitude of cafes and restaurants.

New Zealand is a majestic country and Auckland a wonderful city.

It is a pity that the powers that be lack the capability and foresight to deal with the real issues that this great country and Auckland city need to have addressed.

Steve Boddey

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