Sunday, August 14, 2016

Essential Tremors My Story

Due to my diagnosis of Essential Tremors I am no longer able to work properly and so have been placed on a disability benefit. Although this takes away the anxiety of looking for work and having to continually explain why I shake the stigma remains.

Everyday living is a challenge, I struggle to write and at times even typing can be frustrating. Eating and drinking has to be carefully planned bathroom/toilet activities take longer and can be embarrassing. My love for cooking has been tempered, my wife stresses when I am using a knife. I have learnt to ask for help which can be annoying for me due to be never having to rely on people as much as I now have to.

All I can do is accept my condition and do the best that I can. I improvise, overcome and adapt to every situation I am faced with. Fortunately I have a very supportive wife an understanding doctor.

I am sure there are people out there with worse tremors than I have and may not have the support that I do so I am sharing my thoughts in the hope that it helps others or even if it reminds those that have tremors you are not alone.

Steve Boddey
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