Thursday, June 16, 2016

Immigrants Refugees from Europe Africa and Asia

A friend of mine, George Stephens commented on my post about Multiculturalism doesn't work reminding me of the days when immigrants/refugees from Europe, Africa, Asia ventured to all parts of the world, bringing with them different cuisines, knowledge and a diverse range of ideas and ideals and more importantly they were prepared to become part of their new country.

Using George’s words: - People come here (and there as well I imagine) and want others to bend over backward to accommodate them rather than become part of the melting pot and adapt to their new home. It is a shame really because life is much more interesting when we can all get along and enjoy each others ways rather than this constant clash of cultures so common today.

It really is a sad world we live in when immigrants ostrasize them selves from their new home.

Steve Boddey

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