Sunday, November 15, 2015

Offended Again!

STOP being offended!

Nothing happens!

You are just some attention seeking twat who claims to be offended getting your jollies by trying to belittle other people!

Here you are another poor excuse for a brainless human, to be offended trying to fuck up the world by interpreting some ones actions/words and YOU decide if it is offensive or not.
By doing so you are actually offending yourself by claiming that what was said or done by someone else is offensive.

Who the hell do you think you are deciding what I say or do is offensive? You have no idea how or what I think and have no GOD damn right to even suggest that anything I say or do is offensive.

You are just a low life scum of the earth who has nothing better to do than go around trying to politically correct the world with “Oh I’m offended “ stamped across your forehead.

You are offended? So what! Nothing happens!

Author Steve Boddey
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