Sunday, November 15, 2015

Islamic Shame in Paris

Time and time again we hear the out pouring of horror, disbelief and grief at what terrorist groups are doing to the innocent people of our world all in the name of Islam.

The question is what are we doing about it?
Pretty lights on monuments and the twats they call political leaders condemning these inhuman attacks does nothing for those that have lost innocent loved ones.

Action is what is required. These cretins and scum of the earth need to be put back in their place, if not removed from it.

Let us start accepting the fact that terrorists hide behind religious ideals and the majority twist the words of Allah and Mohammed into some sick way justify their actions, while the rest of the decent Islamic believers sit back shitting themselves and doing nothing and saying nothing.

The outrageous acts in Paris once more confirm that Islamic extremists are portraying Islam as a religion of terror torture and taking the human race back to the dark ages.

Author Steve Boddey

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