Saturday, November 14, 2015

Anxiety Born and Bred

Anxiety comes in many forms and mine is no different.

My last CBT session is on Monday and it will be somewhat sad occasion as I have come to really get something out of these appointments with someone whom I have connected with in a good way. Unfortunately she is moving on and the government only allows six sittings at a time.

My therapist suggests I have a form of PTSD from being bullied at various workplaces and on top of that I am British born and bred.

So what does being born and bred in Britain mean? Well for starters I was brought up in an era where good manners, politeness and respect for other people and property were the norm.

I wouldn’t dream of telling a police officer to “fuck off” nor would I steal from anyone. It is just the way it was back then. These days very few people care about how their actions affect others and hence my problem. Although I can only control my own actions it is extremely frustrating to see others showing total disrespect for other people and property.

We allow refugees into our countries only to find that a majority are disgusting cretins who have no desire to fit in yet will take all the assistance they can and expect to live the way they did before. Then they are demanding that we change to suit them and their culture.

I was brought up to respect all people; however in this day and age of over the top political correctness I feel that I fit no where.

Author Steve Boddey

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