Monday, November 16, 2015

Islam and Christianity #westandasone

What now for this world of ours?

While we all are appalled by the cowardly attacks in Paris it is time we all stood up as one. The aim of these weak and misguided cretins is to divide and conquer, using the basic human trait, fear.

It is time all religious communities stood up together as one, especially the Muslim community. If I were of the Islamic faith I would be pretty pissed off that my religion was being falsely used as a scapegoat to kill and maim innocent people.

The sad thing about these attacks is non Muslims will now be overly fearful of the majority of decent Muslims. This is exactly what these terrorists want.

I am tired of hearing what the Western world thinks I want the Islamic community to lead the way to rid the world of these abusers of Islam.

We must stand as one!

Author Steve Boddey
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