Thursday, October 15, 2015

We Need a Clue

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Grant Martin was head of the gay community in town and friend of mine. We would catch up often and he would take me out to his favourite eateries and tell me stories of celebrities as well as all those people he had known. Oh and never get him to discuss Broadway because he will never shut up.

He knew something was up as I played with my drink. He asked and I shared some information. He promised to ask around and let me know if anything came up. Grant Martin is always a comfort to be with.

I caught up with Isabelle Starr the next morning, although quieter than normal she appeared to be over the sight we had witnessed the day before.

The autopsy was inconclusive as to cause of death due to the amount of damage done to the bodies. The only thing that was certain is that they were both dead when the hooks were inserted.

We went back to the warehouse. The police had finished their investigation so Isabelle and I just wandered around.

The place was completely clean of any incriminating material. This would be a tough case.

Three possibly four perpetrators we concluded. The bodies would require two people to hold them up at least and one to hold the hook steady.

At least that was something.
Two dead women and three possibly four offenders it is not a good start.

Rose Patel and Lily Pond were friends from high school and had kept in touch through out their lives. They had been on a recent adventure through South America landing back in the USA two days before they were murdered.

They both had clean records with steady jobs at a new law firm Buddy Laws. CEO Ivan Dicks was well liked and a respected member of the community along with his business partner Jazzon Zucchini.

There was nothing in their past that gave a clue as to why they had been targeted for murder. Even video surveillance from CCTV footage at the airport showed nothing out of the ordinary.

Isabelle stirred her coffee as I drank my beer.
What if it was mistaken identity, what if they were mistaken for someone else?
It was possible I thought but highly unlikely.

My phone rang; the girls had been at home when they were taken. Rose Patel’s house had been ransacked however both girls baggage had been left behind.

Mistaken identity was sounding a little bit more likely.
Isabelle sipped her coffee and that wicked smile came across her face.
Let us do some digging and get to the bottom of this.

Author Steve Boddey

To be continued ........ Mistaken Identity

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