Thursday, October 15, 2015

Healthy Eating

The healthy choice way of living, especially eating can be extremely challenging as the cost can be very high and the taste hardly existent.

People will often say that to eat healthy is very expensive on a low income and I would have to agree up to a point and that point is would you actually eat healthy even if healthy products were cheap enough to afford?

I don’t see hordes of people dashing to the produce section when fresh broccoli is $1.30 a head nor do I see people busting their boilers to grab mixed frozen vegetables that are on special for $2.50 a kg (that would be 2.2 pounds).

Size fourteen chickens for $8.00 that would give you 2 breasts, 2 Maryland, 2 wing nibbles and some left over’s for a pasta, rice or soup dish leaving the rest to make a stock.

My wife and I are on a low income and we certainly eat as healthy as we can afford. It is all about whether you want to make the effort and sadly like a lot of people over here they just can’t afford it or more likely just can’t be bothered.

Author Steve Boddey

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