Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mistaken Identity

The story begins HERE

Two tickets had been cancelled on the flight the girls had taken from Belize. We were able to identify Ida Wannago and Justine Amomento as the two women who did not fly. Our findings were passed on to the police.

Further investigation proved to be a bit of a break through as we discovered that Ida and Justine had entered the USA via Mexico.

As we tried to continue to follow Ida and Justine we receive information about a double homicide some five miles from the warehouse where the Patel and Pond’s bodies were found.

Ima Spammer and Justa Plagiarist were found with gunshot wounds to the chest and head. Both Spammer and Plagiarist were know criminals and had ties all over the world to the criminal underground network known as Down Under.

Their role was believed to be creating mayhem and chaos where ever they went although torture and murder didn’t appear to be their speciality.
It is strange how things work out. One minute you have nothing the next you are flooded. Both Wannago and Amomento had be found and picked up for questioning and Izzy Taken seemed quite happy to be found by police.

Upon being questioned Izzy stated that he had nothing to do with the girls deaths as a matter of fact he was in a bar with the others when they argued about it and he left.

He had read about the deaths of the others and realised that the Company they were working for had decided that they were now a liability. The company known as “Mandamas” was who they were working for or should that be had been working for.

Mandamas means boss, bigwig or head honcho in Spanish so the possibility of a South American connection becomes more plausible and of course the Hi5 drug makes it all fall into place.

Mandamas main office is in Belize so a raid needs to be organised. Meanwhile the suitcase along with Ida Wannago and Justine Amomento are brought in.

If these two were connected to the murders of Rose Patel and Lily Pond we needed to find who else was involved and fast.

After being interrogated Wannago and Amomento were held pending further investigation. They were probably better off lock up but one can never tell.

The suitcase looked old and well travelled with its brass beading in need of a polish.
Nothing was found in the suit case accept for some clothes. There was no sign of anything untoward.

The girls had been told to take the case on board their flight and upon arrival they were to head out to the Downunder bar where they would pass over the suitcase to a woman called Lucy Far who would then hand over ten grand each.

The girls decided not to take the offer but head back to home and figure something else out. They had searched the bag and couldn’t find anything in it other than clothes.

I looked over the suitcase. Standing it up it appeared that the beading had stoppers at the end of it. I lay the suitcase down and played with the stopper trying to unscrew it.
After three turns it came off and as I started to stand the case up, hundreds of tiny tablets started falling out.

We had found the drugs.

Author Steve Boddey

To be continued ..... Amedeo's Restaurant 
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