Thursday, October 15, 2015

Amedeo's Restaurant

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Isabelle Starr found out where Ida and Justine had crossed over the Mexican border into the USA. It appeared that the suit case made it through sniffer dogs and the X-ray machine but something did not add up.

Why not take the flight, why come through Mexico and why were two women murdered? There was also the question of who were the men that dropped the suitcase off in the first place.

My contact in Belize, Doug Graves informed me that a new drug was about to hit the streets. The new drug was called Hi5; it would give who ever took it a 5 day high hence the name. The rumour mill suggested that the market was to be flooded with this drug at a cheap price.

Further information was sketchy however if gossip around Belmopan was correct Hi5 was dirt cheap to make, hard to detect and would eat away at your brain cells turning users into vegetables with a year or two.

Isabelle and I decided to meet up with Dr DeKay at &Amedeo‘s Italian Restaurant for dinner to gain more insight into Hi5.

The drug Hi5 comes as a tiny tablet and has distinct smell to it and apparently slowly destroys brain cells; if you believe what the rumour mill tells you.

Dr DeKay had nothing to add to what we already knew. Maybe he just wanted a free dinner. He did however offer the services of his lab if we found any Hi5 tablets.

The sooner we get the tablets into the lab the sooner we can find a way to detect them and put a stop to the manufacture of this drug. If this drug hits the streets it will wipe out the cocaine and heroin industry and create gang wars like we have never seen before.

Whoever is making this stuff is going to be rich with a lot of angry cartels after them.

 During dinner I took a call from Doug Graves. He had discovered the identity of the two men who dropped off the suit case to the girls Ling Ga Weenie and Kerry Okie a couple of locals who are now working for some mysterious organisation who have quietly gone about their business: not that anyone knows what that is.

Amadeos‘s Italian restaurant always a good feed guaranteed.

After dropping Mrs Starr home I head back to my place for some shut eye and maybe a few beers. This whole thing sucks.

A large thick envelope sits on the porch by my front door.

I pick it up and head inside.

Author Steve Boddey

To be continued .... Another Death
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