Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Death

The story begins HERE

The package is addressed to both Isabelle and I.
I grab a beer from the fridge open it and then open the package.

The package is from Lou Zar a detective from narcotics it gives us some information on Ling Ga Weenie and Kerry Okie the two men who dropped off the suit case. Ling used to work as a chef and Kerry Okie was a singer in a night club. Neither of them had any convictions, although there had been some suggestion that they were involved in a couple of serious assaults around town, there was nothing concrete.

I get call from Dart Singstar who has heard, over the grapevine that the police have discovered another body. A female victim strung up with the line used to make fishing nets. He hangs up just as I get another call this time from Isabelle who confirms Dart’s information.

I do believe the flowerbed is nearly cleaned up Isabelle states.
We decide to leave it till the morning as both of us need some rest.

I go over the information Lou Zar sent over flicking through the pages.

It tells us nothing we do not already know.

Lucy Far had been found strung up and died a slow agonising death. The fishing line had cut into her neck and would have eventually sliced right through. Other than some defensive marks it would appear that she knew her attackers and when they decided to kill her she put up a fight. Cause of death strangulation by fishing line the question becomes why?

We must be missing something is there a connection between Ima Spammer, Justa Plagiarist and Lucy Far, there has to be something.

Grant Martin called me and mentioned he had some information concerning four people who were in a downtown bar called Vanilla a well known joint where the gay community would spend some quality time after work.

A friend of his, Neil Down had seen three men and one woman in the bar a few nights ago having a discussion in the corner. The only reason he noticed them is because they were obviously straight and one of the men walked out in a pretty foul mood.

Would Neil Down come in and look at a few pictures? Grant assured me he would.

Author Steve Boddey

To be continued .... Hard Yards

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