Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hard Yards

The story begins HERE

The only connection we have with Wannago and Amomento is that they cancelled flights out of Belize and came into the USA via Mexico and that anorexic connection is, as you well know, diddley squat.

These two women have no outstanding warrants nor convictions and are squeaky clean which means something is wrong, their photos do not match their so called clean sheet.

Isabelle taps her fingers on the table as she gazes out of the window. There has to be something somewhere! Maybe CCTV footage from Belize could tell us something?
How do we get that may I ask? Could call up a friend and ask a favour.

The tapping of the fingers on the table is not conducive to thinking Isabelle.
Before she has time to say anything I am making the call.

Hello PC Expert? Serious Black here any chance you could do me a favour?

I pulled in a favour and we received footage that we had asked for.
How I know so many people that can do me favours you don’t want to know. All you do need to know is that I am a man of considerable experience and you don’t want to come for a special walk with me.

Passing Mrs Starr her coffee and cream bun I sit down for some really interesting stuff that we do. We watch footage of people for hours on end.

We are looking for two women in a crowded airport who cancel their tickets at the airport and leave. All we have to go on is an approximate time and photos that could be years old in a country where everyone looks the same.

The camera over the cancellation booth just happened to break down that day so we have to do the long hard yards.

The beading around the suitcase was made from a special material that would show up on an x-ray as being solid. Naturally the Hi5 has no known scent so the dogs wouldn’t pick it up.

The set up certainly was pretty ingenious if you ask me.

Izzy Taken was arrested for being an accessory to murder and Wannago and Amomento charged with carrying a narcotic with intent to distribute.

We still had to find the killer or killers of Lucy Far and company.

We travelled to Belize heading the raid on the Mandamas Cartel’s offices. Warrants to confiscate equipment and arrest staff that we felt had information would be issued once we arrived.

This raid must be swift and silent.

Author Steve Boddey

To be continued .... City of Crime 

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