Sunday, October 25, 2015

The World We Live In

I query the way that our world goes a round,
Nobody’s pleasant; we’re all lost and not found.
We’re murdering of people for some rotten sod,
But it is ok; they’re doing it for God!
There are lies and betrayal all over the place,
Standing there innocently; with a smile on the face.
Run a red light with not a care in the world,
Yet the car that they cut off has now a motherless girl.
We are leaving our dogs and kids in the car,
In the searing heat of a summer, it has gone way too far.
Then there’s the druggies spreading their wares,
Nothing will happen and who really cares?
We have thefts in our homes and all sorts of strife,
Raping of innocents; it’s a wonderful life.
So I live in this world and keep to myself,
The company I keep sits in the wine shelf.
Yet I do the good deeds where ever I can,
Assisting where possible; my fellow man.
What good do my efforts; what will they bring?
A smile or a thank you or maybe nothing!
So I query our world and all that we’ve done,
I’ll keep doing my bit, I’m a passionate one.

Author Steve Boddey

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