Sunday, October 25, 2015

Taxing the Poor to Cut Obesity in New Zealand

The New Zealand Government is to spend money on a plan to tackle obesity in this country.
Yes they will spend money, taxpayer’s money on a plan to tackle obesity. The plan may or may not work but at least it will be a plan.

It has been suggested that they tax fizzy drinks because of the sugar content.

I really am starting to wonder how this government actually got into power being that they come up with nonsensical ideas. A sugar tax won’t work!

Quiet simply if we ask why people purchase fizzy drinks etc there is a simple answer. The cost of healthier options is greater than the unhealthy option. Most obese people are low income earners and of course will look to buy cheap food and drinks.

These politicians are so wrapped up in their own little world they have forgotten what the real world is about. You just need to look at the price of fizzy drinks and fish n chips and compare that to a salad roll and a bottle of water.

Putting tax on fizzy drinks and fish and chips without reducing tax on healthier options or producing a healthier option just doesn’t make sense and would only create a greater rift in an already poverty ridden community.

Author Steve Boddey  

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