Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I was a Security Guard

"Excuse me Sir, It's time to leave"
"Eh bro , ya don't mean I gotta leave eh?"
" Yes sir, it's time for you to head off home."
"Geez, I still got me drink here eh."
"Sir, you holding an empty glass, and it is closing time."
"Would you like me to call you a Taxi?"
"Eh bro, you call me whatever ya like"

He laughs, falling backwards but not falling over.
"Come on now Sir we must get moving."

The mood changes.
I stand side on, my arms just in front of me.
Hands open and the distance between us is about a metre.
While talking, my voice remains constantly pleasant, yet firm tone.

"Eh You."
"Ya f******g picking on me eh?"
"Ya F*****g being a Bastard"

He spits on my shirt, he drunkenly pushes at me but because of the distance misses.
I try not to smile, just keep a pleasant manner on my face.
" Youse just F*****g picking on me cos I am BLACK Eh?"
I have no idea where the thought or the idea came from, it just came out of nowwhere.

So I said.
"And your just saying that because I am white eh?"
"Now come on sir, we must close up"
With that he moved on out.
"Eh for a F*****g security guard you ain't too bad eh!"
"Youse a funny F****r eh."
"Thank you for coming sir and please get home safely."

As he staggers off with his mates I hear him say.
"Eh that guy isn't to bad for a F*****g security what's ya ma call em, eh."

I close the door and lock it.
Wipe the slag and spit from my white shirt.
Look at my trousers stained with every alcoholic substance known.
I look around the bar and start picking up glasses from tables.

I reminisce.
"Your just saying that because I am white!"
I wonder if I'll get away with that line on another night.
I smile, Tonight I go home in one piece.

Who knows?

Author Steve Boddey

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