Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Safety Standards in the Worplace

I was brought up to do a job and do it properly, taking due care that you are professional and respectful of the work and those around you.

In this day and age that kind of attitude belongs in the time of the dinosaur. I have joined companies on the premise that they were working towards the same set of standards that I have. Unfortunately when push comes to shove those standards are set aside and the easier road is taken, usually with a distinct lack of care for the job or people doing the job.

Safety is neglected and the effect and behaviours are spread around. So long as they can get away with a lack of accountability they will carry on until something happens and then the blame game will start.

I believe the standards that I have been taught are the right ones and it is not that I am against change; I refuse to lower my standards.

“Turn the music up. I need to lose myself for a while.”
Steve Boddey

Author Steve Boddey

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