Monday, October 12, 2015


What ever happens I am sure you won’t mind,
You were challenged and bullied, also treated unkind.
So now is the chance to get your revenge,
It is payback time, what do you do my dear friend?
Make them all suffer, for all the pain they inflicted,
You have the power to have all of these people evicted.
Do you want them all howling, like a wolf in the night?
Or screaming forgiveness because they didn’t do right?
Would you curse all their families like they did to you?
You can now have redemption, what do you, want to do?
I’ll take all my pain and I’ll hide it away,
It isn’t my place to make anyone pay.
Yes they treated me terribly, with no thought of whatever,
I guess now they realise that their not very clever.
If redemption is mine and it’s all up to me,
I have suffered enough so let them go free.

Author Steve Boddey
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