Monday, October 12, 2015

Ready for the Knackers Yard

When I set my mind to it I tend to go full bore and will not stop until I have completed what I have started.

The trouble with doing that is you forget to drink, eat then forget what time it is. By the time you finish you are about ready for the knacker’s yard.

One other problem that often pops up, especially when my anxiety raises its head, I start one thing and then another without finishing the first thing. It becomes a lot like walking into a room and wondering how you got there and why are you there.

Taking fresh milk to the pantry or packet of sugar to the fridge I think we have all done something similar. All of this usually happens when my mind revisits past incidents that have caused me angst.

I am not sure if this is a help or a hindrance but it inevitably leads to thinking about things that haven’t happened or my mind try’s to prepare for every scenario possible.

Here is where my biggest problem lay. Due to past experiences when confronted with a similar situation or should I say the lead in the mind is in full swing and the body reacts accordingly.

Maybe I am just ready for the knackers’ yard!

Author Steve Boddey 

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