Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Offended by Colour

Nothing annoys me more than when I hear about people complaining about being offended. 

Some time ago Benedict Cumberbatch during an interview mentioned that in Britain, coloured people do not have the opportunities like they do in the USA and mentioned that he would like to see this changed.

Well butter me buns and cover them in hundreds and thousands if some attention seeking twat trying to justify their existence found the comment offensive.

Firstly one has to conclude in ones own mind what was said had offended you thus it is you that has come to a conclusion that what was said was offensive therefore you have offended yourself.

Secondly you have no right to call something offensive if you don’t know the intent so the only person who knows the intent is the person that made the comment.

So what part of Mr Cumberbatch’s comment caused this particular up roar?
The use of the word coloured. Apparently it is an outdated term.

Listen; you poor excuse for a human, there are no black people in the world there are dark brown, brown, olive, tanned, and cream these are coloured people and any one who finds that offensive needs to join the next flight to Mars.

Oh and if you are offended, what happens?
NOTHING! Yes a big fat nothing!

Stepping down from the soapbox.

Author Steve Boddey

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