Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The NFL ... America will be Rooting for Ya

With the NFL now well on its way there will be a lot of rooting going on and I shall be laughing myself silly thinking about the rooting that some of you guys and girls will be doing.  

The earth will move for all ya’ll with all the roots that will be had and all the rooting that you will be doing. I am sure that some of you will be rooting so hard ya’ll be complaining that you are sore and I shall suggest that you are doing it all wrong. Which will bring tears of joy streaming down my face.

Oh please don’t tell me that you have a sore throat from all the rooting you have been doing because my sides will be hurting even more from laughing.

So why all the laughter?

Rooting in Australia/New Zealand is slang for having sex!

Go San Francisco 49ers Jarryd Hayne
Can’t wait for Super Bowl 69!

Author Steve Boddey

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