Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Anxiety What Works

What works for one does not necessarily work for everyone?

Anxiety affects each of us differently and I have tried many a remedy, so I am well aware of what works or in my case doesn’t.

Medication (both herbal and pharmaceutical) all types of exercise, meditation, psychological therapy and psychiatric therapy.
So what works for me? None of the above!

What I have found is that when I am left alone my anxiety drops to manageable levels, hanging around positive people is also helpful and of course sharing my experiences with others. Most importantly I have wonderful support from my wife.

I am not looking for sympathy oh no! Sympathy and syphilis are close together in the dictionary and I have time for neither.
I am looking to get better though.

I am, naturally, thinking that I will always have anxiety and that brings an all new anxiety itself.

In the mean time I will continually look for ways that will assist me to get better and improve my health.

“Anxiety, I am more anxious than and anxious persons anxious bits!”
Steve Boddey

Author Steve Boddey

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