Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Gods Prophets and Religions

I have been thinking about how we live in a twisted world, where we have allsorts of people taking different views on different things and coming up with different conclusions.

Whomever you believe in, they are your imaginary friend and there is nothing wrong with that, although I think there maybe quite a few people in the nut house who may question the sanity of some of you.

In most religions the head being, God as most of us would call it, preaches love, forgiveness and peace. Be kind to one another and look after each other and yet we servants of God seem to think that this means beating and killing anyone who disagrees with us.

The twisting of religious words to justify an action that hurts another human being makes no sense, unless the intent was to cause harm and the twisting of the words then becomes the justification for the action.

To say that a picture/cartoon is insulting to a God or a prophet is God's or the prophet’s problem not yours. I am sure any God or prophet would deal with them in their own way when the time comes.

What happens if God has a sense of humour?
Then you would be in the do do’s!

Author Steve Boddey

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