Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What's in a Name?

For years and especially at school I was laughed at for having the surname Boddey pronounced body. I would cop the Dean Martin song “Everybody loves my body sometime” or dead body, even no body the taunts were continuous but somehow I got through it.

I even take the mickey out it myself when asked what my name is. Steve Boddey as in dead! My name is pronounced Bod Dee not Bow Day and so I learnt that sticks and stone can break my bones but names are just names.

I now find humour in people’s names, well some people’s names anyway and it is not out of disrespect it is because it is funny. I remember reading Padima Dixit name and it took a while to stop laughing. You work it out!

There are the usual names like Ben Doon and Phil McCracken, Tarra Dactyl, Moe Lester and Dr Ken Hurt. There are more, however I think you get the drift of where I am coming from.

If you don’t get it then maybe you know Wayne Kerr!

Author Steve Boddey

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