Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coco the Dog now a Donkey

Most of you who follow me and my wife will know we have a little black cocker spaniel named Coco she also has many other names such as Coco La Belle, dog of eternal stench, Coco in ya bed, Coco come here. just to name a few.

Every time someone walks past our place Coco will watch them from the door and sometimes follow them along the fence line. We know the dodgy people as Coco will let them know she is protecting our home.

On Friday afternoon Coco did her usual bark that says I don’t want you here. The barking went on for longer than normal so out I went to check. I burst out laughing; Karen asked me what was so funny all I could say was tell her to see for herself.

There was a yellow balloon on the neighbour’s side being blown up and down the fence line and there was Coco following it and barking. Coco is intelligent but then some times she is just a Donkey.

Author Steve Boddey
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