Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anxiety and Workplace Bullying

At work all my experiences of operating a press shop came out however the company was saying it wanted to improve and become competitive yet was not prepared to change.

On many occasions I was asked to make parts that I had made a few days earlier. I was told they had used them up. The frustration at the incompetence was unbelievable I started checking up on things and found the parts I had made stuck behind boxes or up in  racks. It happened time and time again so I complained.

I wrote a letter to my supervisor highlighting all the areas that needed addressing without pointing any fingers and supplying easy ways to fix things. I had already, in my area implemented my ideas. This is when the bullying started.

My performance was constantly challenged, any mistakes I made were highlighted and on several occasions I was given wrong material which I picked up on until I took over from an employee on a CNC Machine. Fifty sheets were processed using the wrong material.

I was quickly taken into the office to be disciplined however I was aware that the material could be used for another job also three months earlier an employee had made the same kind of mistake with coated sheets that had to be scrapped.
That employee was never disciplined nor even spoken too.

I was then moved to a production line where I ended up with the injury that I have today.

Author Steve Boddey
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