Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anxiety and Workcover

A meeting was set up with work and my Doctors and as usual I got myself ready for work and caught the bus into town where the meeting was to be held.

There was the nerve doctor, my normal doctor and my psychologist and on the work front there was the Human Resources manager his assistant and my supervisor.

Let me be quick, after the meeting I was unemployed. Not one of the Company reps present made any comments other than there wasn’t any work for me and an agreement to part ways, they would still pay me until Workcover took my case on full time.

With so much free time on my hands I took to writing again I had this blog and a few other things that I could do. I took on the household chores and of course the cooking. The situation at the time was ideal as I paced myself through out the day.

Workcover soon took over and I was given a case manager and assigned some one to get me back to work. I still had all my appointments to attend to and my doctors warned me not to take a job that I didn’t want.

Back to bullying, the company assigned to finding me a job all of a sudden found the task too difficult and started writing to the Workcover case manager that I was uncooperative and exaggerating the extent of my injury. Once more I was shattered that those that are supposed to help are actually abusers.

Author Steve Boddey
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