Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anxiety and the Truth

My second wife was invited to one of my psychologist sessions as she had continually been suggesting he was putting stupid ideas into to my head and she wanted to see him personally.

Of course I sat there half listening to the conversation between them but I remember little of what had been said.

It was around this time or maybe earlier that I bumped into who was be my third wife (YES third time lucky) we met via our blogs, leaving comments on each others that always put a smile on ones dial.

I still remember the first time I called her up and we talk for a good two hours laughing and sharing our experiences. I found the time went quickly and felt a bit sad after we said our goodbyes. We kept in touch via emails and the occasional phone call.

My next visit to my psychologist I started airing how I was feeling trapped and suffocated at home he just smiled as I continued to ramble on.

After close to four  years on Workcover I had been doing part-time work as a Security officer in Shopping malls which I actually did enjoy, Workcover decided it was time to clean up its act and get long term people off the books. I lawyered up and the process started.

Workcover after some haggling they made an offer that was accepted and the process of getting me off their books began.

After all that I wanted some time away from everything so I went to New Zealand for two weeks. My ex was not happy and for those two weeks she constantly phoned the motel.

Her best friend came to visit me and we met for dinner at a bar. Apparently she was ready to tear my head off for the way I had treated wife two. As the evening wore on she opened up about what she had been told. I was shocked and annoyed at some of the things that had been said.

At my motel her friend came in for coffee and of course the phone rang. It was the ex wanting to know how I had got on. Her friend indicated not to say she was here so she could listen in on the conversation.

During the conversation I suggested that when the money comes through we come and live in New Zealand, she told me she was overjoyed and never wanted to live in Australia anyway. That is NOT what she had told me or some others.

Author Steve Boddey
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