Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anxiety and Injury

Moving from the press shop to an assembly line was demeaning for me, however it did give my supervisor an excuse to constantly rate my performance. I was using hammer guns and hand tools and this is how my injury happened. The constant jarring of the guns affected my ulna nerve and I started to lose feeling in my right hand.

I reported it and was told it was just my body getting use to the new environment. I had no idea my supervisor was a medical professional.

Unhappy with that answer I eventually went to my Doctor. I was experiencing tingling in the fingers and severe pain up my arm and at the back of my neck.
I was placed on Workcover and had a certificate that put me on light duties.

I was ostracised from my workmates and given mundane tasks. The doctor that was looking after me fortunately was not a lover of Workcover and its system. He encouraged me not to do anything that caused any aggravation to my injury which then gave the company cause to complain that I my injury was not a genuine one.

I was humiliated, abused and often given tasks that were outside of my restrictions.
Finally I was sent to a nerve specialist who did all sorts of tests.

I remember it vividly sitting in his office awaiting the results.
He came in and told me he couldn’t find anything wrong. I broke down and cried.
He then told me that it didn’t mean that there wasn’t anything wrong; he just hadn’t found it yet.

The Doctor asked me if I would do exactly what I was told, I said yes. He said he would take on my case telling me straight out that if he thought I was faking it he wouldn’t take me on. He told me to keep the doctor I had seen at the clinic. He got rid of my physiotherapist and psychologist making appointments to see others that he trusted.

The company was not happy. I did everything I was asked and the company decided that Workcover needed to intervene as they felt that I was being difficult.

Author Steve Boddey

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