Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anxiety and in store Bullying

There has always been anxiety over what I had done in my life however do not mistake it for guilt because I don’t feel guilty at all. What I felt was sadness for the people that were upset, angry and unable or unwilling to understand the situation.

Working in a mall the hours were long and the work although enjoyable changes in the workplace made me decide to move on. I took up a position as a security officer in a large supermarket. It was ok at first but then an employee of long standing wanted the position.

Instead of talking to me senior management decided to force me out. Work performance was questioned. I received written warnings for false accusations resulting from my performances and the very people who were suppose to protect employees from such harassment turned a blind eye.

I was moved to the produce area and then the grocery area where they also failed to pay me the correct amount of pay according to my contract. I brought it to the attention of the appropriate people only to be told it had fixed.

The Store Manager called me into the office and apologised for the way I been treated. My two warnings were then torn up and my pay claims rectified. I have no idea why this happened but it did and although I was happy with the result I can’t work for a place that tolerates that behaviour.

Author Steve Boddey
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