Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anxiety and Bullying in another Workplace

Swapping jobs was a refreshing change, or so I thought. Checking up on people and their goods as they pass through a drive through can be traumatic sometime with the arrogance of customers who think they can disrespect those that are there to assist them.

The amount of times I heard customer’s abuse staff was incredible. The amount of times I heard senior management abuse staff was incredible. If you complained you were obviously a trouble maker which is what I ended up being.

I took what I considered a funny article into work and shared it around. Unfortunately this was seen as distributing anti religious material. Not that anyone complained because nobody including senior management who read it said anything other than laugh.

Of course I was also accused of being disrespectful and making certain comments which were untrue, however management were able to obtain statements from dubious sources claiming that I did.

It should also be mentioned that I had reported several of senior management for bullying which was ignored as well as assisting and other staff in reporting managers for abuse and inappropriate behavior. I also made complaints to head office regarding failure to pay employees.

Upon advise from my GP I resigned and find myself where I am today on a sickness benefit that I am not sure where it will lead me.

Author Steve Boddey
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